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MYCELIC MORPHOID attacks the target with a Melee Attack, but can only attack when in first position. Although it seems like a disadvantage to have only 2 health, it can provide a great advantage in battles as it costs only 1 mana. Maybe a lot of players ignore Mycelic Morphoid but it is one of the cards I use the most in low mana battles. Especially thanks to its Thorns Ability, it can turn the tide of battle and help me win the most difficult battles.


MYCELIC MORPHOID has the Thorns Ability at level 3. Mycelic Morphoid has no other abilities. The Thorns Ability is a powerful ability that can be very effective in battles. Also, Mycelic Morphoid only costs 1 mana. A monster with the Thorns Ability that costs 1 mana is a huge advantage for my team in my opinion.

  • Thorns Ability : When hit with a Melee attack, does damage back to the attacker.


MYCELIC MORPHOID NFT Card is a COMMON NFT Card belonging to the Chaos Legion edition. The MYCELIC MORPHOID NFT Card is currently starting at $0.025 on the market. The Gold Foil MYCELIC MORPHOID NFT card is currently starting at $0.34 on the market. Frankly, I was surprised that such a card was sold at these prices. I wasn't planning to upgrade my card but when I saw the prices I started planning to upgrade soon.

Battle Link

Battle Ruleset
Silenced Summoners
Holy Protection
Mana Cap 15

Silenced Summoners rule means summoners do not give any stat buffs or debuffs or grant/use any abilities.
Holy Protection rule means all Monsters have the Divine Shield ability.

Considering the ruleset of the battle, I was predicting that the first position on the opposing team would be a Melee Monster. I knew that MYCELIC MORPHOID could be effective in such a battle, so I added it to my team without hesitation. And it really helped me win the battle frankly I couldn't have won this battle against SEA MONSTER without MYCELIC MORPHOID. By watching the video or the battle link, you can see how effective Mycelic Morphoid is in this battle despite only having 2 health.

Frankly, every Monster can be very useful in battles when used with good strategy. The important thing is to know the power of the Monsters well.



What are your thoughts on the battle and *MYCELIC MORPHOID? I would be glad if you write your thoughts in the comments.

Battle Link

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