My Strategy in Battles with the Noxious Fumes Rule & Daily Quest Rewards


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My daily quest today was death quest. If you don't have many NFT cards like me, but have HARKLAW NFT cards, I can say that Death Element Monsters are very successful in battles with over 30 mana and the Noxious Fumes rule.

Noxious Fumes: All Monsters start the battle Poisoned.

My Strategy in Battles with Noxious Fumes Rule

First of all, I would like to point out that all of the NFT cards I use in battles are at level 1.

First of all, I would choose Zintar Mortalis as the summoner. Zintar Mortalis will reduce the melee attack of all enemy monsters by -1. This means that if the opposing team has melee attack monsters, they will be able to reduce the health of my team monsters less, maybe not at all.

Secondly, if there is no rule in the battle rule that restricts HARKLAW's features and abilities, I will definitely take it to the team. HARKLAW has a level 1 shield ability. Reduces damage from melee and ranged attacks. Thanks to Zintar Mortalis, the melee attack of all enemy monsters was reduced by -1. For this reason, melee attacks may do less damage to HARKLAW, perhaps not at all.

Finally, it would be to place the Haunted Spirit in the correct position. I would place the Haunted Spirit in a position other than First position, second position and last position if possible. My strategy is to keep the Haunted Spirit alive until the last round. If I can do that, I will most likely win the battle. Haunted Spirit has the ability to heal at level 1. Restores a portion of the Monster's health each round.

If the monsters on the opposing team are mostly attacking with melee and range attacks, then with my strategy, my team is much more likely to win the battle.


My daily quest today was death quest. I looted 2 chests after completing the daily quest.



Hope everyone has a great season in the new season! I wish you a great season in which you can win fun, exciting, very profitable and abundant rewards in the new season.

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