splinterlands daily swearfest - day 15 - DEATH SQUAD


starting points 2351 - ending points 2361 (lol after i got fucked out of 100 points - fucking again)

the early rounds - a win - followed by a FUCKING DRAW - https://splinterlands.com/?p=battle&id=sl_add0462d6bfadd228b366dcf6631fcdd

annnddddd then comes along the fucking llama w/kron - nothing like to shitty level 1's - i fucking hate that combo

here's a pretty beasty match - https://splinterlands.com/?p=battle&id=sl_9757dbf5d1539d7b3da271ddb7ab893d

50 points to hit gold 1 - can i make it ???

one of my fav quests - death or dragons baby

WOW !!! beasty draw on the first match - https://splinterlands.com/?p=battle&id=sl_1f9ae3e0468bf74f149999202e2d30e2

win 1 - lose 1 (fucking level 8 gold card tank - fucking bullshit - https://splinterlands.com/?p=battle&id=sl_c9e1f87f6dadb1e4737dc7bb1c4140d7)

GODDAMMIT - a never ending run of fucking low mana garbage bullshit

annnndddd the streak got fucking ruinied by that MOTHERFUCKING LLAMMA - FUCKING AGAIN - EVERYFUCKING TIME IT'S THAT FUCKING LLAMA - FUCKITY FUCK [email protected]#$%[email protected]#$%

GODFUCKING DAMMIT win 2 - lose 2 - to the fucking level 1 yodin - FUCKED BY ANOHTER 3/buff summoner - goddamfuckingbullshit [email protected]#$%%[email protected]#$%%

annnnddddd FUCKED OUT OF 3 in row because of THAT MOTHERFUCKING LLAMA - AGAIN - 3 fucking shitty matches vs low level 3/buff summoners - THIS IS GETTING TOP BE FUCKING BULLSHIT [email protected]#$%[email protected]#!!!!!

annnnddddd FUCKED OUT OF 4 in row - nothing like a shitty fucked up losing streak on the last day of the season with only 2 wins needed

annnnddddd FUCKED OUT OF 5 in row - here comeas the level 8 dickheads

welll, just got fucked out of that 100 points on the last day of the season - goddam fucking garbage stupid fucking game

win 1 - lose 1 , i wonder if i can get fucked out of another 100 fucking points

GODFUCKINGDAMMIT - win 1 - lose 1 - to ALL FUCKING GOLD CARDS - https://splinterlands.com/?p=battle&id=sl_04df09a64773d14fde79ad88c9bceb7e

i fucking hate a shitty last day of the season - LOL, a $34k deck of cards nad best i can fucking do is gold 2 - it gets worse every fucking season

unfuckingbelieveable fucking bullshit garbage

annnnddddd here comes another fucking shitty losing streak - i only need to win 1 more to finish the fucking daily and now i'm gonna fucking lose another 20 fucking matches

FUCK YOUR LEVEL 8 GOLD CARD TANK - https://splinterlands.com/?p=battle&id=sl_bcb75f3a2df0ed560e939e103e63aa02

starting to seriously wonder if it's worth playing this fucking game anoymore

its almost fucking impossible to get epic or legendary cards for the last 3 or 4 seasons

looks like it turned into another fucking 'pay to win' fucking bullshit game - i knew it would after they announced getting involved with the old dickhead ceo from zynga games

fucking horseshit

*(this account is for entertainment purposes only - please consult a mental health professional if you consider taking any of this seriously)