splinterlands daily swearfest - day 3 - eart quest (again)


starting points 1600 - ending points

i dont normally like a quest multiple times in a row - but dont wanna risk a do-over and get screwed with garbage fire splinter

got lucky and smaashed some level 1's on the first match

oh fuck me - win 1 - fucking lose 3 BULLSHIT [email protected]#$%^& fucked right back into gold 2 - just another fucking day

4 in a row pissed away - here comes all the fucking gold card players now - godfuckingdammit

win 1 - followed by the typiical losw mana bullshit you get when you're losing - the rest of my matches are going to be fucking wasted playing catch up for getting fucked out of 70 points

win 1 - followed by another garbage bullshit low mana vs high levels - FUCKING AGAIN !!!!!!!

and i'm still 70 fucking points away from where i started - fucking bullshit like this makes we just want to fucking give up some times

nevermind - got fucked out of another match - 90 fucking points pissed away since i started - goddammit, fuck this

win 1 - lose 1 - followed by yet another dogshit low mana garbage match - fucked out of 100 points for the day so far

GOSFUCKINGDAMMIT - another fucking loss - fucked out of 120 points so far - looks like day 3 will be the get fucked out of anoother league day

what the fuck is this bullshit - a goddam dragons gold card only match during the daily - when did this fucking stupid ruleset bullshit happen ????!!!!!!

there's fucking 4 in a row pissed away - stupid fucking 3/buff summoner

nevermind - we up to 5 in fucking row fucking pissed away - fucked out of 150 points on day 3

once again , i only had 1 match to finish the daily and hit a fucking shitty garbage fucking losing streak - what a garbage fucking season this is gonna be

not wasting a screen cap for those garbage rewards - FUCKING AGAIN !!!!!

looks like season 20 of bullshit

*(this account is for entertainment purposes only - please consult a mental health professional if you consider taking any of this seriously)