splinterlands daily swearfest - shittier day 4 - water quest


starting points 1450 - ending points 1455 (what a fucking joke this game has turned into)

the early rounds - FUCKING BULLSHIT - another day of fucking losing streak - and i havent even started the fucking daily yet

i cant fucking believe with 532k power i am fucking losing to level 1's in shitty fucking garbage ass silver 2 league going fucking backwards

this is just getting fucking more ridiculous every fucing season

win 2 - annnddddd here comes the fucking 15 mana garbage match - well, that streak got fucked - FML

win 2 - annnddddd the get fucked out of the streak by fucking level 1's with a fucking llama - FUCKING FOR THE THIRD FUCKING TIME - FUCK THIS - taking a fucking break from the bullshit

win the first match - annnddddd then the high level fuckers showed immediately - fuck me , this is not shaping up to be a decent season AT ALL

followed by the typical garbage 13 mana bullshit [email protected]#$%^

whoopee !!! i got a 3 win streak

annndddd here comes the fucking kitty 3/buff summoner with level 1's to FUCKING RUIN IT [email protected]#$%^!!!! so fucking sicka nd fucking tired of losing to goddamm level 1's

OH FOR FUCK SAKE - here comes the dickhead with yodin and all gold cards - GODFUCKINGDAMMIT !!!!!! - so much for thinking i might finish ahead for the daily

once again - only 1 fucking match needed to finish and it's gonn turn into a fucking blood bath losing streak

win 3 - lose 3 - YOU HAVE GOT TO BE FUCKING KIDDING ME !!!!!

i can't fucking believe this fucking bullshit garbage

followed by another fucking 3/buff summoner - 4 in a fucjking row pissed awaay


another day of getting fucked

3 more garbage cards not worth a screen cap

getting closer to selling this shit by the day

*(this account is for entertainment purposes only - please consult a mental health professional if you consider taking any of this seriously)


Well that was entertaining. 😆 Put me in Bronze II/I and I can keep up. Bronze III is almost impossible to get a winning streak.