Token Weekly Update - Week 6


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Since tomorrow is LEO Power Up Day (LPUD), I won't include the token in this report. On the other hand, there is another new member on my list. This time its WOO.

Let me share first about HIVE power:

My HP Growth

DateStarting HPEnding HPHP Growth% GrowthCumulative % Growth
01 October80098618623.25%23.25%
10 October9861,022363.65%27.75%
17 October1,0221,040181.76%30%
24 October1,0401,057171.63%32.12%
04 November1,0571,100434.06%37.50%
14 November1,1001,130302.72%41.25%

Praise the Lord! I was able to complete two articles for Splinterlands this week. However, the HP coming from the game will be reflected next week.

Due to the current FTX drama, HIVE did not escape the dominant negative sentiment. As everybody knows, the price of HIVE is getting more attractive. I don't regret that I bought it too early. I added 75 more HIVE I think two to three days ago. If I have extra cash now, I think I will double my purchase.

Free HIVE from POSH

DateStarting HIVEEnding HIVEHIVE Growth
24 September033
03 October35.2042.204
10 October5.2046.7661.562
17 October6.7668.4331.667
24 October8.43312.8934.46
03 November12.89317.2444.351
14 November14.24419.2695.025

I am glad to read that I have been included in the list of Top 30 Daily Most Active Hive Owners.

I did not expect that I will occupy that 28th place.

Excluding LEO, below are my top eight tokens. As usual, I will just follow the order provided in LeoDex based on the USD value of the token.


DateStarting SMEEnding SMESME Growth% GrowthCumulative Growth
25 September201,080207,1826,1023.03%3.03%
03 October207,182212,4885,3062.56%5.67%
10 October212,488221,7979,3094.38%10.30%
17 October221,797222,8971,1000.49%10.84%
24 October222,897241,05718,1608.14%19.88%
04 November241,057268,32527,26811.31%33.44%
14 November268,325277,9529,6273.58%38.22%

Though SME's price suffered a big drop this week, still it maintains the top position on my list. As I mentioned in my previous posts, this token has been providing the SWAP.HIVE I need for my Hive Engine activity.

SoMee also contributed to my daily activity. As a result, I received a new badge from #HiveBuzz for being a "buzzy bee" every day of the week.

New Badge.png


DateStarting CENTEnding CENTCENT Growth% GrowthCumulative Growth
25 September20,18620,3431570.77%0.77%
03 October20,34320,5401970.96%1.75%
10 October20,54020,9213811.85%3.64%
17 October20,92121,4194982.38%6.10%
24 October21,41921,9595402.52%8.78%
04 November21,95922,9911,0324.69%13.89%
14 November22,99123,4574662.02%16.20%

Due to the declining price of CENT, I decided to increase my stake to 30,000. This is now my new target.


DateStarting CTPEnding CTPCTP Growth% GrowthCumulative Growth
25 September10,23210,279470.45%0.45%
03 October10,27910,5332542.47%2.94%
10 October10,53310,7632302.18%5.18%
17 October10,76310,9682051.90%7.19%
24 October10,96811,064960.87%8.13%
04 November11,06411,2942302.07%10.37%
14 November11,29411,4531591.40%11.93%

Out of the total 11,453 CTPs, 6,170 of them are staked on and 5,283 are staked on

Fourteen days more and we will see that 28 November "secret project." Meanwhile, I will keep myself busy in growing my stakes to 40,000.


DateStarting NEOXAGEnding NEOXAGNEOXAG Growth% GrowthCumulative Growth
25 September41,98942,01324N/AN/A
03 October42,01343,7361,7234.10%4.16%
10 October43,73647,1633,4277.83%12.32%
17 October47,16348,2751,1122.35%14.97%
24 October48,27548,3891140.23%15.24%
04 November48,38948,6252360.48%15.80%
14 November48,62548,7661410.28%16.13%

1,234 more and I will reach 50% of my goal, which is 100,000 NEOXAG power!


DateStarting LISTNERDSEnding LISTNERDSLISTNERDS Growth% GrowthCumulative Growth
25 September10,94216,6285,68651.96%51.96%
03 October16,62818,2611,6339.82%66.88%
10 October18,26119,6661,4057.69%79.72%
17 October19,66621,1321,4667.45%93.12%
24 October21,13220,744- 388-1.83%89.58%
04 November20,74423,7693,02514.58%117.22%
14 November23,76923,8971280.53%118.39%

Except from my GLX trade two days ago where I received 20.75 SWAP.HIVE for 24.416 GLX, I also sold 2,600 LISTNERDS for 18.2 SWAP.HIVE. I used all this SWAP.HIVE in buying DEC, WOO, and in buying back LISTNERDS. So far, only 1,000 buy order at 0.00272 has been executed. I still have a 2,000 buy order remaining.


DateStarting SPTEnding SPTSPT Growth% GrowthCumulative Growth
25 September31,24731,339920.29%0.29%
03 October31,33931,6292900.92%1.22%
10 October31,62931,718890.28%1.50%
17 October31,71831,9342170.68%2.19%
24 October31,93432,1021680.52%2.73%
04 November32,10232,6115091.58%4.36%
14 November32,61132,9133020.92%5.33%

SPT is one of the slowest tokens in my list in terms of growth. Anyhow, once I achieved my goal in other tokens, I will fast-track my accumulation of this token to achieve 100,000 SPT power.


DateStarting SPSEnding SPSSPS Growth% GrowthCumulative Growth
17 October2,0002,1041045.2%5.2%
24 October2,1042,177733.46%8.85%
04 November2,1772,221442.02%11.05%
14 November2,2212,247261.17%12.35%

The current season is about to end. I wish that more SPS are contained in the EOS chests.

The current price of SPS now is just $0.041 USD. I think it also suffered the same setback due to the FTX crash.

The increase in my SPS stakes is just 1.17%. Though small, that is something to be thankful for particularly in this seemingly non-ending crypto winter.


DateStarting WOOEnding WOOWOO Growth% GrowthCumulative Growth
09 October6001,00040066.66%66.66%
24 October1,0002,0001,000100 %233.33%
09 November2,0002,1821829.10%263.66%
14 November2,1825,0262,844130.33%737.66%

WOO is the latest addition to my token list. Three days ago, I watched the #leoroundtable and asked for a tentative date when we can see the release of the WOO Alpha game. Grateful for Booker Man's response. He said that the team is taking slow and careful in developing the game. Nevertheless, he gave us the 3rd quarter of 2023 as the possible release of the game. We still have more or less 8 months to see the game. While waiting, I plan to increase my stake to 100,000 WOO power.

That's it for this week. Thanks for taking the time to read this update.

Grace and peace!


Good job! Especially on your posting on Twitter!


Thanks! I just regretted that I could no longer recover my old Twitter account which has more than 1,000 followers. It was hacked. The one I am using is less than a year old.




I love your analysis.
This is what great people do.
I'll use this initiative from next week, hopefully.
Congratulations on your growths


Thanks! I am happy to know that you find it useful. 😊




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P.S. Came here from ListNerds