Token Weekly Update - Week 7

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Compared to the world of stock traders I know, the response of the Hive community to the dominant bearish sentiment in global markets is so different. Instead of crying for huge losses, what I see is continuous development, expansion, and growth.

Last week, I got involved with two new promising gaming tokens: GLX and WOO.

Yesterday, I stumbled upon a community committed to precious metals, the Silver Gold Stackers community. As I explore the community and its members, my initial observation is that it is strong and vibrant.

Just this morning, I discovered another interesting Hive project, @reverio, "a question and answer platform."

These to me are all signs of life and growth. I wonder how many Hive projects are out there, which already exist waiting to be discovered. They are too many of them. And not to mention, those new ideas that will sooner or later will have a life of their own.

I remember one article I read a few days ago from The writer argues that blockchains that have a huge number of decentralized apps built on them will make it more difficult for regulators to lay their hands on them. And so I am happy to see a few years from now how the hundreds of dApps built on Hive will increase into thousands.

I think that's it for the introductory remarks. It's now time for me to share my weekly progress. One interesting development in my growth this week is the delegation of my Hive Engine tokens to farm lolz.

Allow me to start with my HIVE power:

My HP Growth

DateStarting HPEnding HPHP Growth% GrowthCumulative % Growth
01 October80098618623.25%23.25%
10 October9861,022363.65%27.75%
17 October1,0221,040181.76%30%
24 October1,0401,057171.63%32.12%
04 November1,0571,100434.06%37.50%
14 November1,1001,130302.72%41.25%
21 November1,1301,171403.62%46.37%

This week, I received the curation rewards from the two articles I submitted to Splinterlands. As a result, my Quora post received a total of $16.00 and my 31st Season post received $10.48. If you will break them down to HBD and HP, the first post received 4 HBD and 12.205 HP whereas the second post was rewarded with 2.622 HBD and 8.072 HP. I used all these HBD to buy HIVE but did not power them up. I am reserving my 94 liquid HIVE for the #PUM and #PUD participation.

Free HIVE from POSH

DateStarting HIVEEnding HIVEHIVE Growth
24 September033
03 October35.2042.204
10 October5.2046.7661.562
17 October6.7668.4331.667
24 October8.43312.8934.46
03 November12.89317.2444.351
14 November14.24419.2695.025
21 November19.26919.9440.675

I don't know what happened to free HIVE from POSH. Since 16 November, I no longer received free HIVE from POSH though I continue sharing posts on Twitter. That explains the small increase after a week. Perhaps, the distribution is over. I am still waiting for an announcement to know what happened.

As for my top eight Hive Engine tokens, here are the updates:


DateStarting SMEEnding SMESME Growth% GrowthCumulative Growth
25 September201,080207,1826,1023.03%3.03%
03 October207,182212,4885,3062.56%5.67%
10 October212,488221,7979,3094.38%10.30%
17 October221,797222,8971,1000.49%10.84%
24 October222,897241,05718,1608.14%19.88%
04 November241,057268,32527,26811.31%33.44%
14 November268,325277,9529,6273.58%38.22%
21 November277,952293,38215,4305.55%45.90%

SME provided me with 11.04 SWAP.HIVE this week after selling 4,483 for 0.000928 and 8,000 for 0.00086. In total, I sold 12,483 SMEs this week. If I did not do that, my growth this week would be higher than 5.55% and I would have reached that 300,000 mark. My goal is to reach 1M.

As mentioned above, another interesting development in my token activity this week is the delegation to lolz bots. Last night, I delegated 100,000 SMEs to @lolz.sme. I want to see how LOLZ farming works.


DateStarting CENTEnding CENTCENT Growth% GrowthCumulative Growth
25 September20,18620,3431570.77%0.77%
03 October20,34320,5401970.96%1.75%
10 October20,54020,9213811.85%3.64%
17 October20,92121,4194982.38%6.10%
24 October21,41921,9595402.52%8.78%
04 November21,95922,9911,0324.69%13.89%
14 November22,99123,4574662.02%16.20%
21 November23,45724,1607032.99%19.68%

Similar to SME, I also delegated 4,000 CENT to @lolz.cent.


DateStarting CTPEnding CTPCTP Growth% GrowthCumulative Growth
25 September10,23210,279470.45%0.45%
03 October10,27910,5332542.47%2.94%
10 October10,53310,7632302.18%5.18%
17 October10,76310,9682051.90%7.19%
24 October10,96811,064960.87%8.13%
04 November11,06411,2942302.07%10.37%
14 November11,29411,4531591.40%11.93%
21 November11,45311,6071541.34%13.43%

Out of the total 11,607 CTPs, 6,290 of them are staked on and 5,317 are staked on However, I also delegated 2,000 CTP to @lolz.ctp.

Seven days more and we will see that 28 November CTP "secret project." I am changing my goal from 40,000 to 60,000, staking 50% of that on each of the two platforms.


DateStarting NEOXAGEnding NEOXAGNEOXAG Growth% GrowthCumulative Growth
25 September41,98942,01324N/AN/A
03 October42,01343,7361,7234.10%4.16%
10 October43,73647,1633,4277.83%12.32%
17 October47,16348,2751,1122.35%14.97%
24 October48,27548,3891140.23%15.24%
04 November48,38948,6252360.48%15.80%
14 November48,62548,7661410.28%16.13%
21 November48,76648,9191530.31%16.50%

1,081 more and I will reach 50% of 100,000 NEOXAG power. Moreover, I delegated 20,000 NEOXAG to @lolz.nxg.


DateStarting LISTNERDSEnding LISTNERDSLISTNERDS Growth% GrowthCumulative Growth
25 September10,94216,6285,68651.96%51.96%
03 October16,62818,2611,6339.82%66.88%
10 October18,26119,6661,4057.69%79.72%
17 October19,66621,1321,4667.45%93.12%
24 October21,13220,744- 388-1.83%89.58%
04 November20,74423,7693,02514.58%117.22%
14 November23,76923,8971280.53%118.39%
21 November23,89724,1052080.87%120.29%

There was no trading activity this week. My 1,000 buy order at 0.0029 is still not served. I also refused to sell LISTNERDS at its current asking price of 0.004050.

So far, the total quantity of LISTNERDS I have on Hive Engine is 1,983 and 22,122 staked LISTNERDS on


DateStarting SPTEnding SPTSPT Growth% GrowthCumulative Growth
25 September31,24731,339920.29%0.29%
03 October31,33931,6292900.92%1.22%
10 October31,62931,718890.28%1.50%
17 October31,71831,9342170.68%2.19%
24 October31,93432,1021680.52%2.73%
04 November32,10232,6115091.58%4.36%
14 November32,61132,9133020.92%5.33%
21 November32,91333,1852720.82%6.20%

Nothing new here. As usual, the growth is slow. And so I decided to put my SPT power to more productive use by delegating 20,000 to @lolz.spt.


DateStarting SPSEnding SPSSPS Growth% GrowthCumulative Growth
17 October2,0002,1041045.2%5.2%
24 October2,1042,177733.46%8.85%
04 November2,1772,221442.02%11.05%
14 November2,2212,247261.17%12.35%
21 November2,2472,301542.40%15.05%

Though my expectation of an SPS reward did not happen last season, I am grateful for the two Chaos Legion packs that I received. I am also thankful for my decision to join the Brawl I think two months ago. Now, in addition to merits, every Brawl participant will also receive SPS as part of the reward.


DateStarting WOOEnding WOOWOO Growth% GrowthCumulative Growth
09 October6001,00040066.66%66.66%
24 October1,0002,0001,000100 %233.33%
09 November2,0002,1821829.10%263.66%
14 November2,1825,0262,844130.33%737.66%
21 November5,0266,0911,06521.18%915.16%

In just a week, my WOO increased from 5,026 to 6,091. So far, I already received 200 staking rewards. I think by tomorrow I can claim another hundred and so that's a total of 300 WOO after more or less six weeks.

The third quarter of 2023 is still eight months away from us. That's the given tentative schedule for the release of the alpha game. I still have plenty of time to reach the 100,000 WOO power as my staking goal.

Thanks for your time and attention.

Grace and peace!


Look at that progress, wow! Congratulations to you. It's really amazing how you are growing all your numbers. And very organized too :)

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I am excited to see the outcome of my delegation. Perhaps, next time I need to separate my update into two groups particularly if I am going to add LOLZ and GLX to my list. I think five tokens per report will no longer be a boring read. 😅


Will be interesting to know how they would go :) And that's probably a good idea, split them in two parts. Although it's not boring for me :)

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