Take care of your baby!


Hi friends how are you all I hope you all are very well by the mercy of Allah Taala I am very well with your prayers and by the mercy of Allah Taala Alhamdulillah today I will talk to you about a very important matter I will talk today.

Take care of your baby!

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One thing must be remembered that at any moment you do not raise your hands on the child especially if we see the slightest neglect or wrongdoing by them we start treating them badly or very badly and start beating them very badly one thing you notice. Remember that the way you treat your child is how he will treat you.
So one thing must be noted, do not raise your hand on them unnecessarily, it may cause them many problems in the future.

Especially what I do is that we cook many kinds of food at home but I cook something specially for the children because either we cook chicken at home or sometimes we cook curry but if we cook chicken or different for them. If you give them a month's worth of deep fried food, then they start to think that they are special, that is, they think that they are more important and needed by the people of the family.

And remember one thing that you must try to eat the special food that you make for your child, because if your child sees this behavior or sees this nature, it will be very easy for him to adapt himself to all environments when he grows up in the future.

You teach your child to be frugal Yes you spend very little with your child because the less you spend, the more your child learns to understand the lack because people's lives are not always the same people's lives can have different problems so what is the thing that your child is frugal with? Definitely try to teach.

You should not try to give your child anything more than you need, especially when a child gets more than he needs, he expects more than he needs, so do not give your child more than he needs.

Another thing is that if he is not interested in reading then you need to keep in mind that when he is, you should let him read interesting books with different kinds of stories, so that he will become interested in reading and then he will read his class readings. Will be able to finish very soon.

The most important thing is never fight with your child remember one thing that you behave in front of your child the same behavior you will get from your child in future so you never fight with anyone in front of your child.

Try to get along with everyone in the family because when you try to behave well with everyone in your family, your child will learn from you how to get along with everyone in the future when he grows up, he will get along with everyone. Will try to live in harmony, he will always try his best to get along with everyone no matter what problems there are.

Always try to be good with your parents, siblings or relatives or your in-laws especially you try to be good with your in-laws because your child will start learning from you when you are your in-laws. Treat them well feed them well then your child will notice you and see how you treat yourself, he will follow you because children follow dear children love to follow elders when you treat everyone well just like when you are old. To your child, behavior is just what you get i.e. like action is like result.
Finally I will say one thing you should do everything you can to raise your child you will see the future of your child will be good your old age life will be very good but in today's society we get behavior from our children which we never expect. That is, the way we are treating them, they are also treating us, so if we correct ourselves a little, then our children can also learn a lot from us and their future will be bright.

There is no end to learning in our life but when we are a little older we think we know a lot but actually we don't know a lot what we have to learn we have to use that with our children only then we can make their future beautiful.

Thank you so much for spending your valuable time reading my article!

Everyone stay well, stay healthy, take care of your children, change your behavior, I wish that Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu, I will appear before you again with new and more issues.