Can swimming contests become common?


Lately, after being aware of golf being a common sport in Bangladesh, I am more encouraged to dream big. Yes, criticism is one which we face and will be facing undoubtedly, but what matters the most is that we are moving forward. Body shaming is very common but I believe we will be able to go beyond once it is under control. Gender dominance too will succumb once, it will have to for the betterment of the society and living.

When a huge group of people stands against one subject, it is possible to control the misled ones. When religion is mixed with doubted culture, everything becomes a mess and clutters. It is not a very critical topic but a very average one that many voluntarily deny agreeing with.

If you are a hypocrite, then you are deceived for sure.



So, are you up for a swimming competition. I have lately been witness to many activities which weren't so sound in our country before. Is it because we are improving economically or is it that we are learning eventually. Bangladesh is opening up spaces for swimming e encouraging youngsters to swim more. It is yet not too prominent but it is becoming.

There are more spaces for swimmers to practice their skills and few universities are also promoting such sports. So, what are we waiting for? Being fit can be in any manner, while swimming is one of the best ways.

Even in the Olympics swimming is rooted for, then why not be encouraged?

Once it is established and with better security control, it can be widespread among the youth. Encouraging negativity is one thing while encouraging positivity is another. Both can be intertwined but it is always the observer who perceives it.

Swimming is a sport that can save your life in the most dangerous scenarios. Living in a country of waters and still unable to swim is nothing but a mere joke to self. Don't be a joke to yourself. I am not kidding. It is very important for all genders to be able to swim. It is just not a sport, it can save your life and others too.