Beauty at the top of the mountain Merbabu Via Suwanting

The landscape here is very beautiful, I began to understand when I was at the top when I saw that the sun began to set on top of Mount Merbabu through the Suwanting route that I passed. This trail is very familiar to mountaineers and climbers from the village of Banyuroto, Savanga District, Magelang Regency. The province of Central Java made this hike earlier, but this trail shows all the best about the mountain, as you can see how close the height is at every step but so far!



Why choose to satisfy your desires?

I chose this route because the landscape was very beautiful, although when I chose this route there were some difficulties that I went through, for example, it is difficult to see everything. But my eyes opened, and after a while, this path made me feel like I was using the trail (which is also used by tourists). It is not easy to find and circumvent in an area such as this, which eventually my fall), but luckily each takes a lot of time, so I'm used to many things, hard to get through. On the first day on the top of Mount Merbabu, looking down the valley with all the amazing views: You can not admire the greenery of the trees! This site can only be accessed via the suwanting route. There may be more trails here later too if you want to explore further or just enjoy nature. You should remember about the ascent: Be careful with small steps as they can be fatal!!

Wonderful mountain path with merbabu via-suwanting. Stunning views from above and below. However
need to be careful when descending into the valley below you, there are no valves or fuses (or at least it's not like this) for the disabled, so he can get slippery trying these little steps.

Before going on the route, I advise you to first practice so as not to get injured. You must also spend your time and consider carefully whether this climbing season is right for yourself or for others who can benefit from it.
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