Visit of the baths of the water park on the weekend

Hello weekend
Visiting the water park on the weekend allowed me to easily find the perfect place. I was able, after finding my way and sitting around a very large space with many sitting areas gathered together, not quite surrounded by chairs, but enough for a full-sized family at most; even I thought it seemed crowded considering there was an open space at the front too. The reason is that your feet get wet while going down the stairs to the attraction itself!


The number of small children bathing in this water park bath makes me very comfortable! why I say practically because, after a quick look at the many places around these baths, I see that every place seems to be built for boys and girls.
This playground is called the Sigli Water Park, which is located in Jalan Sigli-Benteng, Aceh Indonesia, which is located in the village of Blang Paseh, and in front of this bathroom, I saw a Chinese cemetery that has been around for hundreds of years, But this time, I only focus on the swimming garden. Maybe next time I’ll talk about it.
A large square pool with three small pools for adults and 2 small pools for children which I saw up close.!
I asked the local woman who was there, what type she thought it was more appropriate to enjoy; here is the answer:
We like to swim in these baths, even if we prefer to swim rather than play (although sometimes you can forget how tired they are). So, every time someone comes in and out
the bathing area, they enter with their wives and children playing up the ladder play while watching and sitting relaxed in the small room while enjoying their lunch. These good people don’t know what to do, even if the bath is for the children. children and adults have been provided, but only small children are seen in the baths.

Around the water park baths, I also saw empty chairs, it looks like this chair is empty because no one is sitting on it, it’s very natural for me, because they always watch their children closely so that there are no accidents or drowning. in this bathroom, especially for children who can’t swim without a lot of help to make sure their children are safe, happy and happy to bathe without fear of drowning accidents or other disasters..

See below the view of the empty seats

This water park bath was created with the purpose that residents and residents living on the border can enjoy playgrounds, of course, those who love the holidays can come and visit here to spend their holidays, especially on weekends end with their families, wives, and children.

You have to read! Of course, that’s what it says on this board. 3 adult pools, 2 children’s pools, and the mandatory use of buoys as safety for people who cannot swim are provisions that must be followed, so that all those who come here are responsible for them-even if something happens to their children, like drowning because they can’t swim and so on.

Thank you to those of you who have come here to follow my trip to Sigli Water Park.
I took this picture last week when I came here with my family.
See you next weekend.
Sincerely: @safrinasunshine


This place looks really nice. I could do with a good couple hours relaxing in that pool!

Thanks for sharing, I'm glad you had a good time and chose to share it with us here.


Hi safrina, you do like visiting water😃
This water park looks fantastic and is a great place to relax, what a way to spend part of your weekend:)