My DCity Update


Screenshot 20201128 at 1.26.29 PM.png

After the Great Reset of Thanksgiving 2020, my #DCity simulation is popping along with some nice SIM income. Crime is low, taxes are low, unemployment is high, and there is a forest fire raging. My strategy was to begin purchasing 2nd Edition cards going forward, given my ineptitude to draw anything more daily than basic and luxury homes. The three cards picked up today look as such:

Screenshot 20201128 at 1.32.12 PM.png

These pickups dropped my unemployment rate from 15.17% to 15.08%. More work to do in the coming days. Population growth is still present: I went from 3,888 to 3,933. The one thing about The Great Reset that can be said is that it didn't change my simulation from an antediluvian society to a postdiluvian society. My simulation hasn't been that unlucky. Tomorrow's plan is to stay the course; buy 2nd edition cards once SIM income is rewarded.