In the old days, there was a king who was very kind to his subjects

  • In the old days, there was a king who was very kind to his subjects. He ordered the construction of a 100-kilometer road. *
  • When the road was built and the time came for its inauguration, he asked his three ministers to inspect the entire road once and for all to see if there were any defects left.
    All three ministers left *
  • In Syria, the first minister came back and said, "King Salamat, the whole road is magnificent.
    " But there was rubbish on the road and if it was picked up, the beauty of the road would be ruined. *
  • When the second minister came, he also told the same story that there is garbage in one place on the road, if it is picked up, there will be no room left to raise a finger on the road.

When the third minister came, he looked very tired and his clothes were getting wet with sweat and he also had a bag in his hand.
He told the king that Badshah Salamat Road is very beautiful but I saw garbage lying on the road in a place which made the beauty of the road dim.
I've cleaned it up.
Now the beauty of the road has taken four months. *

  • And there was also a bag, maybe someone forgot.
    The king smiled and said. *
  • I kept this trash and this bag too.
    There is money in this bag which is your reward and then the king said loudly *
  • Everyone makes claims and everyone makes mistakes.
    Everyone wants everything to be fine but no one implements. If we want everything to be good in our society, we have to change ourselves. And we have to play our full role to enlighten our society