The devil and me


The devil and me

Two months ago, a light-headed man came to the shop ..
I was very impressed to see the "light" dripping on his face.
I am a devil ..
And I came to your market today to meet my "disciples" .. And you are my special disciple ..
So first of all you
I have come ..
quickly ask for the milk leaf hard tea ..
is very demanding ..
On hearing this I said "trembling" in anger ..
what are you doing nonsense ..
Praise be to the five-time worshiper and the pilgrim. I also pay Zakat every year under ban. See, there is a big sign of prostration on my forehead.
I am a true Muslim .
And your courage that you call me your special cheek . The devil heard me and embraced me .
Well done my disciples .
You are my
Exceeding Expectation .
Now my "live stream" started to irritate me. Holding it in my hand as soon as I started to get out of the shop .
with my eyes in fear.
Daley came out.
I had his hand in my hand but was not feeling..I felt like it was in my hand .
Waves of sweat started flowing on my forehead ..
Sitting quietly .
The devil rubbing his long beard said, "Okay, now I ask you a few questions .
Do you answer yes or no ..
My gesture Pakar asked .
Your neighbor has been unemployed for the last two months .
His children were expelled for non-payment of school fees.
Refused to lend her. For two weeks her children have been eating lentils. Do you not know their condition ?
I said without shame.
Yes, you know .
the devil gave me a "slap" affectionately and asked another question .
When you were poor, you prayed .
Or may God give me so much
Could you openly serve humanity .. And when Allah gave you, did you ever help the poor
and the poor orphans of your neighborhood
The helpless mothers spread their hands to you for help .
But you did not help them even though you had the resources .
am I wrong?
I began to "spit" and say, "What am I crazy about, who earns his blood sweat and then distributes it to the poor . The devil is very devout, listening to my answer
The "chatty" kisses on my hands began to kiss.
Milk leaf cream tea to Feroz Khan
Sent to take .
Satan asked the third question with a smile
Have you ever helped your poor loved ones?
You can solve the problems .
I woke up and said .
Despite being a devil you do not understand that the rich man always needs the poor .
the poverty of the poor
If we go away, then who will we show the rich our "pride"?
The devil listened to my answer and took off his turban and put it on my head.
Well my caliph is now satisfied with me .
You have removed my anxiety .
I never have any problem with worship . And I have no objection ..
I just get annoyed with the rights and this is the biggest "stone" on my way .
I am so glad you are so far away from these nasty rights ..
At that moment Feroz Khan came in with mixed tea. The devil drank tea and said .
Be careful not to listen to our talk Feroz Khan .
This is our community.
No .. but you keep trying to add it to your community .
Well I go .
I'll come tomorrow .
You have to meet your other caliphs too
With great affection the devil hugged the mentor and sat down to check his account.
Note - If you guys are interested to know about the next meeting of the devil mentor, please give me a heartfelt wish so I can give my mentor tomorrow.
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