Rest In Peace My Best Friend

I am going to post a long and sad story this week. I need time to get to a point where my emotions aren't pushing a flood though my tear ducts.

But for now at least, I wanted to share with Hive this devastating news for me.

My long-time life companion, my buddy, my pup, my little fat boy, my dear and sweet Fry passed away in my arms almost 48 hours ago. I watched the life leave his eyes and his body go limp as I told him what was happening to him, just hoping he understood what I was saying to him. I told him that I loved him always.

This January he reached his 15th year of life.

I know that I'm just a dude on the blockchain that posts silly art and I know this is just some random animal to anyone else here. But I need you all to know that this dog was a bulk of the inspiration that I had for the art I post here. At my lowest times, he was the one that got me out of bed and made me feel appreciated. At my heights, he was right there with me having a wonderful day with me.

He is a part of this blockchain just as much as I am. I don't think I would like my art as much if he wasn't the subject of much of it. So because he is in the very DNA of my art, that also means he is apart of this community. He was right there at my feet under the desk, or next to me on the couch while I drew all this stuff, and of course he was in the actual art too.

When I post the longer thing, I just want to share his lifetime from 2008 to 2023 in photos. I do have alot of media with him in it, but I sit here wishing I had more.

I wish I could have had one more walk with him.


I miss my dog so much.



[i just want him to come back]