'Magic Cat Potion' - Authentic Digital Illustration

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Hellooooooo fellow friends.

I am still alive and here I am yet again trying to stay alive. Even though the pandemic left, I often feel the existence of it being there. However, what I am going to talk about today, has nothing to do with the pandemic or lockdown, but it has something to do with cats. This is given and I know you know it.

So, today I have made the ultimate 'Magic Cat Potion'. I wonder, what will you turn into if you get to open one of them? Interestingly, at first, I thought of making a potion for drinking, and then I thought of making one with which you become into something but finally, I became confident of my own choices. Taadaa. Here is the product that you see before your eyes.

My ibis Paint X can now save videos of my illustrations and that allows me to share all of my illustrations in SHORTS format. I am glad and happy that I can share the whole process with you all. I hope you like it.

So, here it is, the "Magic Cat Potion" illustration, my twenty-third illustration video.


Arigato Gozaimasu. I hope you all like it and share your comments.

A reminder, this illustration is done in ibis paint x. This is solely from my imagination and so is most of my art. If you are up for more cat types of illustrations you can follow me on Pinterest, and YouTube. Have a great day.


Aww it's just cutee <3, the kittens in jars thing made me laugh and tenderness, because cats usually want to get into any place even if it's small for them XD.