My First Oneup Powerup: Seeing a Bright Future for Blockchain Games - Powering Up 80 1Up Tokens


Hi friends, greetings from @salvadornkpara.

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There's a great trek movement from the usual content creation to blockchain gaming. According to @uyobong, blockchain gaming has become the new trend in the crytoverse. It's no doubt that blockchain gaming is the future of every blockchain most especially Hive blockchain. If this is true, then it's time to make use of all the opportunities available to bear now that it's still affordable to stack some reasonable amount of oneup tokens for a time will come when some will regret not stacking some quantities of oneup tokens in the wallets. Bull time will not seize and it's inevitable in the Crypto World, so stack some today for the futures sake.

I'm inspired by the growth 1up has experienced just after two months of it's creation by @flauwy. Today I'm starting my powerup journey with 80 1up tokens. It might look very little today, but with the potencies of Hive rising then the future of oneup is sure. I have a target of 1k oneup tokens staked before the end of the first quarter of 2022. When that's achieved them I'll set another goal for myself that'll overwhelm the imaginations of hivers.


Believing in 1up has encouraged me in starting a journey of greatness through this little tokens staked. It's actually true that many gamers around the world are no longer interested in spending their money to play games just for entertainment sake, but are now focused on playing blockchain gamings that pay then in crypto and still feel the not of entertainment. This is one of the reasons why everyone should invest in the oneup community because it has the ability to skyrocket anytime soon.

In conclusion, it's time friends and lovers of good things to invest in blockchain play2earn games that has the potencies to take you into the financial freedom that you desire. Oneup, up we go forward ever backwards never. Thanks to @flauwy, @steemcafe, @daveonarrival, and @kevinli for the great ideas to develop the 1up community.

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