Some Christmas Precautions for Hivers + My Son's Christmas Painting for your Pleasure

Greetings friends,


It's another festive season and many celebrations everywhere. In Nigeria where I come from this is the period where people travel to different cities to visit their family and friends and this is the season that's for the most accident occurrence. It's as a result of forgetting the reason for the season which is celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ who brought Salvation to the world. This blog today will give us a little precaution measures that'll help us stay safe both from any kind of accident and the new Omicron variant of covid-19 pandemic. It's the eve of Christmas and am saying hi all the way from Nigeria.

Some Precautions for Our Safety this Christmas Season
To preserve ourlives this season we must be careful of what we do and eat. My views on this post is from previous experience of close relations and friends who weren't careful during the festive holidays. Let's follow the precautions listed below:

  • avoid night journey. Many people like traveling at night and associates this to having the road less busy and the cheapness of transport fair. In Nigeria, night buses are usually cheaper than the day time buses, so people engage in night traveling. The risk associated with night journey are enormous ranging from tiredness of the driver and this could lead to sleeping on wheels. Once the driver sleeps on wheel the lives of passengers is at risk. It's better to avoid night journey this period.

  • Avoid Overspending. Most drivers during this festive season are of the habit of driving at high speed to meet up with the demand of passengers who are waiting for available vehicle to board. Overspending places the life of the driver and his passengers at risk.

  • Be on seatbelt while driving. Safety is key and safety is first in any dealings in life. The seatbelts helps protect the driver during emergencies.


  • Don't Drink and Drive. Most drivers are of the opinion that they can't drive without an intake of alcohol. Alcohol are for relaxation when one is at home or is relaxed. Most people will go out for time out with friends and because the bills are paid by their friends they tend to drink to stupor. These persons are advised not to drive after drinking alcohol because they can put other peoples life at risk. Early hours of last Sunday morning, a drunked soldier drives into a pedestrian who was going to church and killed the young man who just graduated from the University.


  • Avoid taking or giving free rides to strangers. Taking or giving free rides on it's own isn't wrong, but due to the high rate of insecurity in Nigeria and other parts of the world, one needs to be careful of strangers. In February, a certain man was traveling from Port Harcourt, Nigeria to Akwa Ibom State and stopped to help a stranger, he was killed by the stranger and his care was stolen. The situation was reviewed after police investigation.

  • Avoid stopping on lonely roads

  • avoid overloading

  • keep travel plans discreet
    If you expose your traveling plans, it could be exposed to kidnappers or hired killers who could intercept your journey.

  • Keep emergency phone lines handy

  • Contact nearest police station if the need arises.

  • Follow the Covid-19 protocols to avoid being infected with the virus.

  • Wash yours hands regularly

  • use your face mask

  • larger private outdoor social gatherings should be as instructed by different countries.

My Sons Painting for your pleasure
We're still in the season of Christmas and we need to enjoy every moment and enjoy it very well. For your pleasure my son made this Christmas painting for you.