Day 1722:: 0ff shore oil

Why are you stopping us from further research on offshore oil?

Roberts immediately responded, "No, no, no... and not at all."

Did you know that oil spills have become a major environmental problem as a result of intensive petroleum exploration and production and the transportation of large quantities of oil in ships, mainly on continental reefs, and are being studied about it?

Do you know that these offshore oil spills that occur in rivers, creeks, and seas are often caused by accidents involving tankers, boats, pipelines, refineries, drilling fields, and storage facilities?

Yes, I know that normal boating and natural disasters also affect it. So you have trouble with my research? This is a threat to our indigenous people, so no more.



What you don't know is that oil pollution has become a health hazard for the indigenous population that depends on seafood. And at the same time, is it harmful to aquatic organisms?

Oil on the surface of the ocean is harmful to many forms of aquatic life because it blocks sufficient amounts of sunlight from penetrating the surface and it also lowers the level of dissolved oxygen. And we are doing research for this. Offshore oil is important to us and we will protect it.

Did you know, Robert, that bacteria can be used to clean ocean oil through bioremediation? You should also know that specific bacteria can be used to bioremediate specific contaminants such as hydrocarbons, which are present in oil and gasoline. I want you to think about your offshore oil policies once again.
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