Patches Make Life Beautiful

It was very common for me to have estrangements with my partner, but I never thought that this estrangement would separate us from each other.

I was confused and didn't know what to do. In such a situation, I first thought to stay calm and silent. I know that by the time one of you realizes your mistake, your partner has gone away for ever.

You gradually realize that it was your faults that caused the breakup. I thought I should apologize to her. Although most people find it difficult to apologise to their partner, I had no choice at the time.I did not want to lose her.

Today I was thinking of a way that I should apologize to her and save my relationship. So I thought of meeting her face to face. But I could think of any excuse to meet her.

You can make plans to meet, but how? I could meet her at a restaurant or a coffee shop. So I called her. At first, we both hesitated to talk to each other, but somehow I controlled myself and asked her. I was talking very thoughtfully. I felt that it should not happen again that my partner has a bad feeling and leaves from there.

first-aid-850489_960_720 (1).jpg


Sometimes, some things can also lead to misunderstandings. I was talking to her as best as I could. I thought that I would apologize without any hesitation. I was not even thinking that my partner should also accept her mistake and apologize to me. That would probably probably make things wrong again. I was truthfully telling her what was in my heart.

I talked to her in a very healthy way, and instead of pointing out her mistakes, I accepted my own. I was in no mood to play any blame games, and I was happy that the relationship between me and my partner had improved. Our patch up was successful and I had no regrets that I took this initiative. Patches make life a little more beautiful.

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