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My Response for Prompt Day 1733

They got room of their own choice

One day, a monkey said to a man, "Brother, millions of years ago you were also a monkey." Why don't you become a monkey again for a day? " The man looked at him in disbelief. "Bro, I'll become a man for a day."

The man was first baffled, then said, "Come on, it is okay. For a day, I will become a monkey. " Then he paused for a minute and said, "But if you get upset being a man, don't make complaints. The monkey said, "Fine, I will not, give me your skin." I will become a man for a day and see how it works for me.

The man agreed with this. Both changed their skins. The man climbed onto the tree, and the monkey went to the office. In the evening, the monkey came and said, "Brother, return my skin to me." I don't want to be a man anymore."


The man said, "I have been a man for millions of years." Now it's your turn to stay as a man for a few hundred years and see how boring this is."

The monkey started crying, "Brother, don't be so tyrannical." But the man was not ready. He went from one branch of the tree to another, then from the second to the third, then to the fourth, and disappeared from sight. The monkey returned after being compelled.

And since then, in reality, man is a monkey and a monkey is a man. The monkey and the man have found their own rooms. They both got room of their own choices.

Thank you @mariannewest and everyone for reading this.