Colonize Mars: A Simulation Game On WAX Blockchain


Blockchain gaming is growing and gamers are joining the space as they combine their moment of fun, and excitement with earning in-game tokens and NFTs.
We have seen so many amazing games on different blockchains but having a stimulation that colonized Mars is a unique game

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Introduction of Colonize Mars

Colonize Mars is the only simulation game built on WAX Blockchain allowing gamers' actions help humanity to become multi-planetary. Being the first company to use a simulation game to colonize Mars, the experience of users has been amazing and more people keep joining to experience the new ways of fun in the gaming industry.
Base Cards are the majority of the Cards in used at Colonize Mars and represent vehicles, tools, infrastructure, astronauts, and buildings used in the colony.

Types of Base Cards Rarity

There are six different rarities applicable to Base cards which are standard, shadow, stainless steel, gold, dark matter, and solar flare.

Players have the opportunity to earn in-game tokens as a Base Card is required to play the game and the higher the rarity of the Cards the more effective ways of obtaining Martia Token and other in-game resources.

How To Play The Game?

You need to start with registration through Mars.Cards and press the PLAY button in the top right corner.
Note: Make sure you have your WAX wallet ready, if you don't have one, register here.

Mars is designed for humans to thrive on Mars and if this is the mission of this project, as a player, you need to start building your legacy in a new economy that’s made for Mars.
As of the time of writing this article, Colonize Mars has four missions prepared for players and there will be new Missions coming in the future because of the simulation of an ever-expanding Mars base

When checking out the game is a logic puzzle in which players/gamers try to navigate vehicles around the surface of Mars, and locate resource token deposits along the way. The vehicle controlled by the players has a timer that represents the vehicle’s power supply and also the player’s remaining time to find the hidden deposits, ensuring the vehicle has adequate power to retrieve anything found before returning to base. Interesting?

In other to start the journey in an easy direction, there is provision for the expedition which is available on the map. The player clicks the Start Expedition button on the bottom center of the map, the game then loads a unique point of interest for the payer to explore and the next step of action is to select a vehicle to be used.

There are four major types of vehicles for the player's mission. Each vehicle has the capacity it possesses.

The vehicles are:
Rover — Selectable & playable
Scouting Drone — Selectable & playable
Buggy — Selectable & playable
Quad Bike — Not selectable by anyone until Mission Four comes out.

The selectable and playable ones can only be done if the players have the cards.
You can further learn more about the game Here

In conclusion, players are enjoying this game because they have the opportunity to learn more about the vehicles on Mars and the scientific reasons they may have different performances from one another.

Official Links

Website | Twitter | Telegram

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