Investment Strategy: Cut Down The Tree?


The understanding I have of personal finance is one of the major things that keeps me going in this crypto journey.

Let's have a look at one of the use cases I have applied and how it can help you manage your investment in this space and in any business.

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Cut It Down, Strategy The Kill Your Seed

It's my five years in crypto, though my first year was learning the fundamentals which now help me to position myself correctly, so, your personal understanding is highly important if you must grow in this space.

Why studying how investment in crypto works, I picked up the Cut It Down strategy and analyze it with three approaches.

3 Approaches Attached To Cultivation

A man received an orange tree with ripe fruits on it as a gift. What a coincidence, the man reacted and planned to get all the fruits down, sell them for money and use the money to meet his present needs. He had three plans which is the basis of this discussion.

  1. Let me climb the tree and plunge the fruit one after the other by moving from one branch to another. He further thought in his mind, this approach will require strength, time and a lot of stress.
  2. Let me stay under the tree, throw a stick at the fruit one after the other until all fruits are down. I think this approach also required more time, stress and strength but it's not the same approach anyway, says the man.
  3. Let me just cut down the tree and in a few minutes, I will have all the fruits to myself. This is faster, the man declared.

Look at this approach very well and relate it to your business and investment approach..

The man finally makes use of the third approach, get all he wanted, sell the fruits and use the money for what he wanted.

As someone that takes cultivation as something important, it's not about getting the fruits on the tree but what becomes of the tree thereafter is very much important.

What can we derive from these approaches?

When you look at what the man did, you don't have to blame him because that's what many of us are doing to our investment. Most time, we do the necessary thing by planning towards our investment but in the execution or cultivation aspect, we failed.

Turning action into reality started with planning, this will be brought to your notice the resources you need to execute the idea during your developmental stage and this will help you in the execution stage.

In the case of the man above, his second approach to get all the fruits by staying under the orange tree and throwing sticks on each fruit will demand more time and also, he can't ascertain how many throws he will miss at the fruit. The throws will also affect the freshness of the fruit. This approach is a waste of time and resources. The fastest way of getting it done is to cut the tree down but is the worst approach of getting of execution. When setting up an action plan for an investment we need to consider the future of the project. Cutting down the tree to get the fruit only give the man a one-time result and to get that same result or more from that tree next time it's impossible except he plants again and waits for the seed to germinate, grow and bear fruit.
Does your action plan has a future recommendation? If not revisit and restrategize.

Climb the tree and visit every branch where the fruits are located and pick them one by one. This sounds good.

When you invest in a business, don't follow shortcuts in achieving profit for yourself. When you climb you learn every step on the way and the more you go up the better you become. The good about each step you take is, you learn how to mind your step should in case you want to fall and this will help you next time you are claiming the same height.

As you climb the tree to pick the fruits, what plans do you have for the fruit storage? Remember, you can't pick the whole fruits without dropping as you pick. The plan of how to drop the fruits you pick is important and many of us are always after let me climb and reach the top, I know what to do next.

This illustration brings us to a centre of thought, map up your investment strategy with your cultivation progress.

Selling off your capital in that investment is like you cutting down the tree keep at doing what you are doing or spreading your seed so has to bring more fruits for you thereafter.

When you don't stop what you are doing, you will learn the best way to make a way. By Samest

Your comments on this illustration are most welcome.

Have a great day!

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