Be As Flexible As Possible When Working Out Your Plans

A few weeks back, a friend of mine made a statement which I saw truism in, and I related it to other aspects of life. He said; "there is always more than one way to solve a particular problem, so why stuck in just a way?" You may have a plan of what to do or a goal to achieve, and you may even have made plans for it, but when it comes to the execution, you are not to be straitjacketed to a particular procedure. After all, what counts is the arrival at the destination, not the route that you took to the destination.


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If you are travelling to a destination and you know that there are many roads that will get you there, but along the road, you discovered that one road is blocked, will you not divert to the other road and continue on the journey? In the same way, when you have made plans in the pursuit of your dreams, you do not need to be too rigid with the format you are to use, always try to employ flexibility. The truth is that the only factor that is permitted to remain constant and as fixed as possible is the dream itself, not the procedure you want to follow to arrive at the dream.

As the world evolves and as trends emerge, so also are the demands of success constantly changing. So the method you should use to pursue after your dream should also reflect the demands of the present era. For example; you have a dream of writing a book, and you have finished with the manuscript but it is remaining just to get it typed. In the olden days, before the emergence of new technology, the book will be typed on the manual typewriter and it will take a lot of time to finish and print. In this era, however, if you still follow the same procedure in typing as it was obtainable in the past, you will also waste the same number of time. But you can hasten up the process by using a computer system to type and then print with industrial printing press. You see, same dream, but entirely different approach, then a different result will be expected.

You cannot follow after the same process and procedures as you followed in the past rigidly and expect to be met with an entirely different result. You will even be surprised to know that a procedure can also cease to work with time or may become obsolete. So you have to know when to stick with a process and when to change. To be flexible in your approach, you have to be open-mind to welcome new ideas and new trends. Obviously, the world; and everything in it; are dynamic, so you understand the reason why you have to also be dynamic in your approach to life.

It is weird to see people believe that life is all about "as it was in the beginning, it will continue the same way forever." Well, just to let you know that people are already moving with the new trend, and if you do not flow with it, you stand the risk of being left behind. One of the things I have learnt over the years is that one needs to be flexible at all times in order to achieve success. After all, change keeps happening, because it is the only constant of life, and change also comes with flexibility. If you must experience the kind of change that you require, then you have to flexibly follow life and give it all it takes. Otherwise you may just be a victim of the change that is created by someone else.


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When you have undertaken an action with a particular method or format and you find out that you did not get the anticipated result, try again. However, there is no way you can continue with that particular format that failed before and hope for it to work. That is, if you want something that will work, then it is necessary that you do things differently. In conclusion; you have to always remember that the world is neither static nor rigid but dynamic, so also should your approach to life be dynamic and flexible.

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