Building A Good Character

Your character is like your identity and it is what people remark you for. You will be surprised how even your outward beauty can be influenced by the character that is associated with you. The truth is that, even though it is good to look good outwardly, but that is not who you really are. The real you is your character and it sticks around even when the beauty has faded. This is the reason we should focus more on building the more permanent part of our lives: our character, instead of putting our whole energy in what will be influenced by the passage of time - the outward beauty. You cannot underestimate the power that is embedded in one's character, which can also determine, to a considerably fair extent, how people relate with the person.


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As time goes by and as you grow older, you will understand that there are more things to be focused in life than outwards appearance. You may be able to make as many friends as you meet because of your outwards appearance and your beauty, but when it comes to retaining the friends, you will need much more than just the beauty and that is where character comes in. There are some people that when you see, you will like them at first sight, but when you relate with them and hear them speak and see them act, you will be disappointed because of the rudeness and cruelty that is embedded in the person.

When you find yourself losing more friends than you make or if people do not like staying with you, then you should question if your character is conducive for them. Obviously, butterfly does not fly nor perch around fires. So if your character is rude or cruel, you need to work on it. The truth is that humans are gifted with conscience, so we know when we are doing what is wrong or right. If you tend to believe that you are better than everyone else or that someone is not up to par with you, or that you are more equal than someone else, then there is an obvious flaw in your character.

Having a good character goes way beyond the words you speak and includes how you act. If you say a goodly thing but your actions are negative towards others, then you are not exhibiting a good character. Character is a combo of words and actions. The truth is that everyone has the capability to exhibit a good character but only if you will consciously choose to work on yourself to be good. Just like I normally say; every human has both the good side and the side that is not too good, but the side that we give attention and express more is the side that we will consolidate on.

You must not fake being of a good character to make people think that you have a good character, you need to actually be good. Talk with respect, act goodly and with respect. To achieve this, you have to positively incline your thoughts towards thinking positively and goodly. It is from the abundance of the thoughts of the mind that both words and actions are expressed. So the journey towards building a good character starts with thinking goodly.

The benefits of having a good character cannot be overemphasised. You tend to be accepted more, and there is a level of favour that you can enjoy by being good. More so, you will not have problem making and retaining friends and of course, these friends may be who will have your back in the time of challenge. You may not have had a choice of your background, nor your physical looks, nor your origin, but you have a choice of your character. Your character is not a function of what people think and it should not be based on how people treat and relate with you, but it should be a reflection of who you truly are.


Image from Pexels

When you compare the picture you took 15 years ago and the one you took this year, you will realize that time has had effect on you and has also affected your beauty. Obviously, just like the beautiful flower fades with the passage of time, so also the outward beauty of humans gets affected by the passage of time. But one thing that will be identified with you and will stick around with you is your character. The nastiness in the world is already too much for someone to still add the nastiness of someone's character to the problems that they have to deal with. In the midst of darkness, light becomes an asset. In the same way, in a world that is full of cruelty and nastiness, the goodness of your character can make you to stand out.

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