Determination; The Bedrock Of Success

More often than not, it is not just the size of your dreams that determine your success but the size of your will, and your determination also play a very vital role in the actualization of success. Many people have dreamt big, even bigger than you, but why it seems like they have not seen the dreams actualize is because of the lack of determination and willingness to pursue after it and to give it all it takes. Just to let you know, in the pursuit of your dreams, challenges, obstacles and oppositions will arise because it is not always a rosy ride, but you have to be determined to succeed.


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Determination fuels passion, and passion makes one to see the result of the action even before the action is taken. Not just that, it keeps one going and makes one to stand tall even when standing becomes difficult or when others have bowed down. As you create an idea or a dream, you have to plan to put in the required actions towards it and give in your best. More so, you have to zero your mind that it is either success is achieved or you won't stop trying. Someone that is determined does not have the thoughts of "when will I start?" but he always thinks of "when I will finish." This is because his entire mind is already focused on the finishing point.

When you see runners compete, when they are on the marks, even before the referee says "get set," their minds are already fixed on the finishing point and all they could see is finishing first. If a competitor gives up along the track, the distance that he had run will be futile. Of course, attempts are not rewarded, you must fulfil certain conditions before you are rewarded. In the same way, in life, if you quit trying, you will miss out of the ultimate prize - success. This is the reason behind this popularly used quote;

Winners never quit, quitters never win

It is your mind of determination that keeps you trying and keeps you going even if the odds are against you. You should not focus on the challenges but on the destination which is success. Determination creates discipline, discipline forms habits, and habits; when they become automated; will determine the outcome of your life. No one that ever succeeds at doing something got it on a platter of gold. There will obviously be prices to pay and actions to take before success is attained.

I remember at the start of the year, one of my friends shared with me that he wanted to build his body and he was going to the gym. When he started, the zeal at which he was going to the gym was amazing, because he was determined to achieve his goal. To achieve this, he also changed his diet to match with his gym activities. He never skipped a routine - he even drew out a workout plan for himself. This is the 6th month and the result is so amazing. Not only has he shedded off the belly fat but he has built some packs over his abs. To him, this is a goal achieved and a success to him. However, it came because he was determined to give in the required actions and even pushed himself through the limits.

Most times, the limits that we see are placed by our own mentality. If you are determined to push yourself through the limit, you will discover that the limit had only existed in your mentality. When you drive through a tarred smooth road in a sunny and hot day, you will see something that looks like a virtual pool of water ahead but when you drive closer, it will vanish (that's mirage), but if you do not drive close, you will believe there is a pool ahead. Similarly, in life, when you do something that you are scared of doing or when you do something you never thought was possible, you will discover that you have been the one placing the limits on yourself.


Image from Pixabay

One thing to know is that, as long as you are determined to succeed, anything that happens along the road (including failed attempts) will become a stepping stone to achieving the success. The only thing you need to do is to have the mindset of "it is either success or nothing," and then put in the required actions to see your success come to reality.

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Peace on y'all


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