Do Not Allow Your Anger To Control You, Learn To Manage It

There are many people that have taken wrong steps or done regrettable things simply because they could not manage their anger. It is true that anger also comes with advantage, as a survival strategy, but only if it is wielded properly. If not, anger can become a very devastating tool. One thing that is very certain is that you cannot stop someone from making you angry, but you can determine how to manage your anger. The truth is that you are responsible for your actions, whether they are done out of anger or not. So here, we shall consider some vital points on managing of anger.


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1. Be cautious of the actions you take when angry

No matter how angry you are, always remember that actions cannot be recalled and they will always have consequences. So try to engage your brain to know how to act or not, and do not allow emotions to take the lead or dictate the way you should act. Anytime you are angry and you want to act, just pause for a moment and think about the action to know if it is really worth it, and you may be surprised. More often than not, the actions that people take when they are angry are regrettable because they are majorly mixed with emotions and are not rational.

A vexing situation may be temporary but the action you take can result in permanent consequences, so think first. When you cut a rope for example, even if you decide to tie it up again, it will not be up to the former length and it will not be as it was. This is exactly what happens when you act wrongly because of vexation and then come back to try to make amends, it will not erase the entire memory of the action, and the consequences might even linger for a while.

2. Know what causes you to become angry and try to avoid it

There was a particular a time I discovered that there is this guy that, each time I discussed with him, his utterances will always make me to be angry. It became a pattern that each time we discuss, whether on phone call or chats, I will end up becoming angry because of the way he uses words irrationally. As much as I tried to remain humane during the discussions, he will still manage to drop some words that will trigger anger. At a point, I suspected that he might be doing it on purpose, so I decided to withdraw myself for the sake of my sanity. After all, no one is under a mandate to be friends with anyone, it is only a matter of choice.

When you discover what normally prompts you to anger or stirs your emotions for the negative, then it will do you well to avoid it if you cannot control it. You may not be able to change the personality of the person that always vexes you, but you can choose not to company with them. Obviously, when you company with people, their personality and actions tend to influence you. If you will not like their influence, then it will not be wise to keep company with them.


Image from Pexels

3. Do not give excuse for your anger issues

Anytime you start to give excuses for a particular wrong thing that you do, then you are already showing your weakness against that thing. A lot of people may not be aware that excuses weaken one, and one does not improve on what he normally gives excuses for, because they will keep giving excuses for it and will keep justifying their actions. Instead of giving excuses, take responsibilities. If you know that you need to deal with and overcome anger, then you should not give excuses why the anger comes or what causes you to become angry.

If you know that you will not have excuses for your actions and you will take the full responsibility of what you do in anger, it will make you to be cautious of how to act even when angry. It is worthy to note that becoming angry is not bad but how you act when you are angry is what will determine the effect of the anger.

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Peace on y'all


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