Don't Stop Moving


A point may come in your life when it will appear as if you have come to the crossroad of life and you have the feelings of throwing in the towel. At that point, the only way out is to keep going and keep trying. I oftentimes hear a some people quip this: "you have no idea what I'm going through". Well, it is adorable that you are going through it and you are not stuck at it. So keep going, very soon you will go past that phase.


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If you look back and check the kind of hurdles you have passed though, you will discover that you never thought you were strong enough to achieve that. If you were able to overcome the hurdles in the past, what makes you think that you will not be able to overcome similar ones over and again? The point you are down does not automatically mean that you are out, there is always a chance to make a headway.

Sometimes, what people see as as end is nothing more than just a bend, but because they have not been able to look beyond the peripheral, they will not see the way ahead of the bend. If you can look beyond what your eyes can see, you will not give attention to discouragement even when everything suggests negativities.

It is worthy to note that the point at night where it seems that the darkness is thickest is the point that is just moments away from the breaking of the day. Similarly, when it seems like everything is tough and when it feels like things are against you, it only indicates that you should keep trying and putting in your best.

From my little knowledge of boxing, I have understood that a knockdown does not determine a knockout. That is, someone can be knocked down at the initial rounds of a boxing tournament and still go on to win the tournament by a knockout. In the same way, that life has knocked you down does not mean you are completely out of the game. If you can still put up a comeback and try again, you will still succeed.

There are people that have failed repeatedly but have not stopped trying until they hit their mark. This is just to let you know that no matter how many times you have failed, you are not counted as a failure until you have decided not to try again. As long as you keep trying and as long as you have not given up, then you can still win.


Image from Pixabay

I once read the story of a very renowned investor and scientist who made great impact in the recent past with his invention. During the course of his experimentation, he failed more times that he could count that he almost lost count of the number of times that he failed. However, he kept the spirit high and still kept trying. At last, his determination and his "never give up" spirit brought him the required success. From this, one would learn that it is never failure until you have agreed that you have failed. Otherwise, it will just be a lesson to be learnt.

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