Hold On To Your Good Dreams, Do Not Give Up

Just like it is always said, "no war is won without fighting." In the same way, no good dream is delivered without being committed to seeing it fulfilled - that is the determination within your heart to give it all it takes in order for it to be fulfilled. For everything that is worthwhile which you are looking for or want to achieve, there will definitely be obstacles that you must face. The decision you make in the presence of these obstacle will determine if you are ready to pursue after your dream. At this point, perseverance becomes adorable and the spirit of "never quitting" becomes necessary.


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Your goals can be likened to a marathon race and not a short-distance sprint race. In marathon, in order to win, you will need determination, resilience, perseverance, continuity, and a high level of patience - this also applies when it comes to dreams. If these requirements are missing, then the dream may become nonexistent. When a farmer wants to harvest a certain crop from his farm, he will need to plant that particular seed. But that is not where it ends. He will need to exercise patience, and then follow the required farm practices in order to get a good harvest.

If the farmer becomes impatient along the line, before the due time of harvest, he will lose out of the harvest. Achieving something worthwhile is never an easy task, so you need to give it all it takes. There are times that you may feel like giving up, but that is the point that you should put in everything within you to keep going. Adorably, the point of your breakthrough is oftentimes the point when the heaviest resistance will come. You will be surprised what a lot of people have lost by giving up at the edge of their breakthrough.

I once read about a particular Bamboo tree that is native to Asia. This particular Bamboo grows to become about the tallest of all Bamboos, but it takes about 5 year to grow to full maturity. Within the first 4 years or so, there will be no noticeable growth in the tree and you may even begin to lose hope. However, by the fifth year, when it starts sprouting, the growth level will be multiplied astronomically. If you had given up before the due time, you will miss out of the awesomeness of the tree. Similarly, for every dream you want to achieve, you have to understand that there is a maturity period. As long as you do not give up before the maturity period, then you will achieve the goal.

The presence of challenges on your way to the achievement of your purpose is not to discourage you but it actually shows that you are enroute on the right path. This should rather give you the encouragement that you are doing something good and there is a future in it for you. Trust me, you may not even meet any serious opposition if you are going the wrong way. As a matter of fact, for the fact that you are met with opposition, obstacles, and challenges should tell you that you are on the right course.


Image from Pexels

You will agree with me that no one bothers to throw stones at a tree they know does not have a single fruit in it. It is when the tree starts to produce fruits that you will see all manner of stones and pebbles being cast on it. So when people challenge and oppose you, it is because they see something great in you. So do not be discouraged by their opposition, but be encouraged by it. It is said:

Without labour, there will not be delivery.

This goes to prove that anything of value that you want to get will have to require some form of sacrifices, work, and determination. If you want everything to be delivered on your laps, then you are not ready to go far in life. But if you become intentional with your actions and pay the price without being discouraged along the way, then you are on the path of greatness. Always have in mind that the value you place on something is relative to the price you are willing to pay to get it. If you place value on your dreams, then you will go all out to see it fulfilled.

Thanks for reading

Peace on y'all


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