Life's Winning Tips [Part 2/2]


A few days back, we took the part 1 of the tips that everyone should get handy with if success is their destination. We considered the need to work smart, not just expending physical energy in working so hard. We also talked about removing the mindset of excuses while taking responsibilities for one's actions and inactions. Then we finally talked about the power that is embedded in appreciation, so we should maintain it as a lifestyle. Here we shall be taking the second and concluding part of that series, as we look at other tips for make for a successful living.


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1. Do not procrastinate, take actions now

One of the things that have limited people's successes is delays in action. When an action that is meant to be taken now is delayed, it may render the potential result of the action invalid. When you conceive an idea or when you set a goal that you want to achieve, it is expected that you take actions towards it immediately. More often than not, delaying an action and not acting at all carry almost the same negative effect. When you watch blacksmiths work with metals, you will understand the need for timing. They normally strike the metal when it is red-hot to get the desired result. If they delay until the metal is cool, the strike may make little or no impact at all. A lot of people say that:

Delay is not denial

However, one thing to know is that there is something that may be delayed and it will amount to denial. Take this instance: if you have the plan of being a professional footballer and you want to enter into the football academy to pursue your career but you have been procrastinating it. When you are 40 years for example, do you think any academy will accept you? The delays would have already been an outrightly denial. This is the reason if you want to succeed in life, you have to remove any form of procrastination from you. Always use time to your advantage, because once time is lost, opportunity may be killed.

2. Don't quit, keep trying

It is true that when you try once, you may not be certain of the result, but one thing to note is that you should not give up trying until you have hit the mark. There are many successful people today that did not get their success after the first trial but through repeated trials and the spirit of "never quitting." The journey to your success may be full of uncertainties and challenges and it may try to sway you off your feet but you have to resolve within your mind never to give up. This reminds me of this popular quote:

Winners do not quit

If everyone was to quit at the sight of one challenge, then success will be nonexistent. This is because there is almost no successful person that never faced challenges at some points in the course of going after their goal, but they were able to keep going to achieve their dream. If they can achieve their goal even in the presence of challenges because they are determined to, why do you think you cannot achieve your own? If you put in the required amount of determination that is required, then mix it with zeal and the spirit of "never quitting," you will become unstoppable and success is already in sight.


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3. Get more knowledge

If you want to win in a particular thing, then you need to acquire extensive knowledge about that thing. The propensity of something getting easier is by having extensive knowledge about it. If you try something and it did not work out, there is a reason why it did not work out and when you gather more knowledge about it, you will see the answers staring you in the face.

You will agree with me that when you do what you have limited or no knowledge about, it will be very difficult. Imagine if you have never driven before and you want to drive for the first time, it will look like a very difficult task. But when you have learnt how to drive over time, it will become part of you and you will do it with ease, because it has become a conditioned reflex action. Similarly, in life, as you keep learning and getting more knowledge, life becomes easier and the goals become more attainable. So never stop going after knowledge.

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