Life's Winning Tips [Part 1/2]


In life, what substantiates the efforts that you have put in is the result you have obtained. In a football match for example, a particular team may have played exceptionally and excellently well and may have dribbled with finesse and all, but if the other team scores more goals then they will win over the other team that have put up amazing dribbles. No amount of dribbling can equate to scoring of goals. So whatever they play, they will keep an eye on the goalpost because that is where the points come from. In the same way, in life, the results you are able to get is what is called "success." Here are some life's winning tips


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1. Work Smart

Many people have believed that working hard is all that is required to achieving success but I tell you that results are without recourse to the hardness of the work that you have put in, it does not also respect the amount of energy that you have expended, so you should be focused more on working smart. By working smart, I mean having your eyes on the results that you want to obtain and then figuring out the easiest and better way to get it done. Just to let you know, hard work does not count when rewards are given, the only thing that is rewarded is the end-result. When you want to do something, you have to ask yourself if there is a better way of getting it done, then you should follow after that part.

Imagine someone working on a document with the manual typewriter and another person using a set of computer to work on a similar document, who do you think will be more effective and productive? Obviously the person that is using a computer system is putting in less effort but with a bigger result to show for it. The idea is not to put in big effort and get small result but to amplify your little effort and produce big results. In this era, there are many alternatives that assist humankind in making works easier instead of depending solely on expending so much physical energy. In the area of agriculture for example, you will not expect someone that cultivates with hoe and cutlass to have the same yield as the person that uses tractors and other mechanical devices. This is why working smart entails making the work easier while producing the desired results.

2. Avoid Excuses

Someone that wants to get results must remove excuses from their lives. When something is not working, you do not have to look for an excuse to give why it is not working, nor look for who to blame for it not working, but you need to find out the reason why it is not working, then from there, you will know how to proffer solutions to it. If the time that people spend in figuring out the excuses to use to cover up for their lack of performance is put on improving on themselves and getting better, their next attempt will be better. What excuse does is to limit one from getting better because they will always blame someone or something for their lack of performance.


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Instead of using the term "it was not my fault", or "I am not the cause," why not say "how do we get it done better?" The last statement places more responsibilities on you instead of exempting you from the responsibilities like the first two statements. One of the marks of maturity is when someone starts to take responsibilities for the results of their actions instead of giving excuses for them. As a matter of fact, people will feel more comfortable to entrust things in your hands if they know that you will take adequate responsibility and not give excuses.

3. Grow in Appreciation

Life may not have delivered everything that you have been seeking for but to an extent, you have enjoyed one form of favour or the other, of which you should be grateful. You may not know how truly blessed you are until you see the amount of people that do not have a fragment of the kind of privileges that you have. To be appreciative, you have to learn contentment and limit your expectations so that your hopes will not be disappointed. If someone does something for you or shows you favour, no matter how little it may look, try to be appreciative of it. This will not only make the person to be willing to do even bigger things for you, but it makes you a better human.

Appreciation does not cost anything, rather it opens up the door of favour for someone. It is worthy to note that many of the things you receive are not rights but privileges and if this is so, then you should show appreciation. A simple "thank you" complemented with a smile from the heart can go a very long way to get you through some doors that you may not have been able to access. You will agree with me that there is a good feeling that comes to you when someone appreciates you for what you have done for them, the same thing happens when you appreciate others when they do things for you. Remember, you cannot go wrong with appreciation, so get handy with it.

Thanks for reading

Peace on y'all


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