Paying The Price To Go For More Knowledge


Most of the challenges that people go through in life result from lack of knowledge. Without having the knowledge of a particular thing, it will look like a mystery to you. Knowledge makes life easy. This is why I believe that there is no price that is paid for success that is too big, because it will definitely be worth it. You may not see the worth immediately but it may be what will save you tomorrow. If you think that paying the price for success is big, then try paying the ultimate price of ignorance and see the one that is weightier.


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I remember sometimes ago, I went to a friend's house because he asked me to help him retrieve something from his safe. He game me the keys but when I got to the safe to try out the keys, it did not open. After a while of trying in futility, I put a call across to him and told him that the keys are not working. He made a remark: "that's because you didn't combine the keys well." He then simply told me how to combine the keys and I did. To my amazement, the safe opened. What I had spent minutes on, by the time I got the knowledge of how to open it, it opened at the instance. You see, nothing simplifies life like knowledge.

The reason why people go to school is not because they do not have any other thing to do with money, but because they want to gain knowledge. It is true that knowledge may come at a price and may be costly, but lack of knowledge carries more cost. Imagine going to fly an airplane without having a basic knowledge of how airplanes fly. Even if you succeed in lifting the airplane, it will be bound to crash, not because the airplane is faulty but because of lack of knowledge.

It is worthy to note that knowledge is continuous and never ending. One knowledge will lead to the acquisition of the other and it happens like that. This explains the popular phrase: "learning is living." What this means is that when someone stops acquiring knowledge or stops learning, then the person is already starting to lose one of the very vital essences of living. One thing to know about knowledge is that it is also relative to situation and time. The knowledge you have about a particular thing may not apply in another scenario, so you need to keep learning. Imagine someone that wants to use the knowledge of biology to solve a mathematics problem, he is already on the wrong path. To solve mathematical problems, you need the knowledge of mathematics.


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As the world evolves, it also presents with new challenges which will need new requirements to be solved. The knowledge that was used previously to solve an old challenge may not be sufficient again to solve the new challenges of the present time. Take this instance: we all know that this era is characterized by insane technological advancements. If all you know and can apply about technology is the knowledge of the old manual typewriter, you will be limited in the use of the modern day smart devices and computational systems, so there is a need for you to gain more knowledge towards that area.

However, one thing to know is that in life, knowledge does not stop at just acquiring it. The beauty of knowledge lies in when it is put to practice and when it is applied. If you know about something and how to do a particular thing but do not do it, then you are almost the same as the person that has zero knowledge of that particular thing. This is because what brings gain in life is not just the knowledge you have gathered but the ones you have applied. You will be surprised that the same knowledge you have is not exclusively preserved for you alone - others have similar knowledge. So what makes the difference is how you have applied your own, and which problem you have solved with it.

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