Putting Smiles On The Faces Of People

Is there a greater feeling of happiness that causing others to be happy and putting smiles in their faces? Life is not principally measured by how long you have lived but basically by how well you have made others to live. When you are gone and people remember your memory, will they have something good to say about you or will they just hiss and move on? All these are what you have to have in mind each day and try to live each day as it was going to be your last.


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You will agree with me that each time you make others to smile or happy, there is a higher level of happiness that comes to you. It is not enough to seek for your own happiness alone but there is a greater form of happiness - that is seeking for the happiness of others and humanity at large. It is worthy to note that the person that always seeks to put smiles on the faces of others does not lack smiles in their own face. This may be a reason why one of my friends made a resolution that each day, he must do something to make someone say "thank you" to him. Not because he needs the thanks, but because it proves to him that he has, at least, made someone happy for the day.

I have also learnt that as a lesson from my friend that for each passing day, I must do something to at least two people to make them happy and put smiles in their faces. If everyone would tow this line and even do more, you will be surprised how beautiful the world would be. It is when we shift attention from just ourselves alone to others, then we will understand the true purpose of living. It may be true that our wants are so numerous but if we draw out our needs, you will be surprised at how very little they are. Why many people place less value on others is because they are engrossed with the feelings of chasing after their wants at the expense of others.

One of the problems of the world is centered around the fact that people, instead of loving others and using things, have reversed the trend to loving things and using people. People's love for material things have so much overwhelmed them that they can go any length to get it without being concerned about how many toes they have stepped on. No wonder the cruelty in the world is on the increase.

To put smiles in the faces of others, you also need to be a happy soul first. So first things first, be happy with life first. This does not mean that life is perfect for you but because you are contented with what you have at the moment, with the hopes of being better. With this, you will places less expectations on life itself and on people and rather focus more of what to give to life, not what to take from life.


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You will agree with me that it does not cost much to put smiles on the faces of people. Something as little as a good compliment can do the trick. Saying "thank you", "you look good", "you're amazing," and your kind words to others might be what will lighten someone's mood for the day. We should not underestimate the power in these seemingly little phrases to effect a positive change in the life of people. You only need to be sensitive to the needs of people per time to know what will be appropriate for them. For example, to a thirsty man, a bottle of costly Champagne wine may not make much sense to him like a cup of water. So you see, whatever you have and wherever you are, you have something that can put smiles on the faces of others. So be sure to utilise them.

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