Putting Your Skills And Talents To Work


Most times, it is not just acquiring of skills that makes for a successful living but putting the same skills to work. Of what use is it to gather skills that you will not put to work? The results you are expecting from life will only come from the work and actions you have put into your skills. There is no amount of skills that can be used to replace the need for work. As a matter of fact, work is a very fundamental requirement to achieving success. I once read about the routine training of one of the world's renowned footballer - Ronaldo, how he normally stayed back to keep practicing even after others have left the pitch after their normal training. He did not solely depend on talents but he has to put work to it. It is the work you put into talent that brings profiting.


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Everyone is born with a particularly unique ability, but it is what you do with your talents that will bring you the required success that you need in life. Take this instance: it could easily be said that the football giants in the likes of Messi and Ronaldo are talented. However, that is not where is stops because they consciously put their talents to work and they trained extensively to give expression to their talents. One's talent is like having a bottle of fine champagne but you need to uncork it for you to get the taste of the fine wine. The process of uncorking it is the work you have to put in place. Similarly, in life, not matter the kind of talent you have, it will not be fully realized until you have worked on it.

You will agree with me that in nature, you will never find a refined orange juice, the most you can find are oranges themselves. So if what you desire is to have an orange juice, then you need to get the oranges and squeeze out the juice from the orange. If you have the orange and you do not want to squeeze it out, the full potentials of the orange will not be realized and it will be almost no different from the person that does not have at all. In the same way, in life, your talent alone is not enough to see you through the intense competitions in the world, there is a need for you to complement it with work.

There are things that people can help you with and there are things that you are required to do yourself. Someone may help to point you to the right direction, but the major onus is laid on your shoulders to realize your talents and work on them. It is the extra effort you put in life that makes your ordinary extraordinary. It is by going an extra mile that makes you to stand out. There are many people as talented as you but what will give you an edge is the level of work you put on yourself. This reminds me of the usual words of my friend:

It pays to work. Even if the results are not noticeable now, they will be visible tomorrow.


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One of the things you should know is that talent is not a substitute for work. Yes, it may be present, but what gives you the required advantage is the level of work that you put into place. When you see people with well-built body structure and heavily muscular framework for example, you will see someone that has put in intense labour to the actualization of their dreams. You cannot wish yourself through to greatness. Obviously, if everything answers to wishing, everyone that can wish will achieve success without working. But for one to achieve greatness, there is a place to engage one's hands to work. Anyone that dodges from working has simply excluded themself from the blessedness and beauty of life.

There is beauty and dignity in labour. If you observe well, you will discover that people value more what they worked to get that what is "dashed" to them. In life, there is a place for nature (natural endowment) and that is a place for nurture (acquired through work). So for the ultimate goal in life to be realized, nature has to be complemented with nurture.

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