Reaching Out For Success


Success does not just happen by accident nor by chance but by consciously putting in work towards it. You have to reach out for success before it can be within your reach. If success was to answer by wishes, then anyone that can make a wish can become successful. This is why success is not controlled by a wishful thoughts but by putting in extensive work towards it. Not just working hard but by having a result-oriented work, that is working smart. It is what you do with the ordinary and putting in extra efforts that makes it turn into extraordinary result. The world is already insanely competitive and it is only by going an extra mile that you can stand out and be outstanding.


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If you have done something over and again and you do not get the kind of result you have been looking for, it will be a height of unseriousness to keep repeating it and hope for the result to improve. If you want a result that is worthwhile, then you have to be ready to put in work and efforts that are worthwhile. It is not just putting in work but doing it rightly. One can put efforts and they will be counterproductive if they are not rightly done. Actions that will deliver the required results must be right actions. If an action has not delivered before, it will be unwise to keep repeating the action.

It is worthy to note that the ultimate idea is success, but the process may differ. You do not have to be stuck at a method simply because you think it may work. If it did not work initially, then you need to try something a bit different. Requirements for success are dynamic and so also should your methods be. Rightly done action gives you a fair advantage. For example, there are some examinations in which the instruction that comes an the top may read "answer question one and any other three questions". If someone skips question one and picks other four questions because he is required to answers four questions out of the lot, he may fail because he did not do it rightly.

One of the banes of many people is that their actions are not done rightly. Life and success are basically governed by rules. A deviation from these rules may not deliver the required result. Take for example; if you are competing in a 100 metre race and you mistakenly step foot on your opponent's track, even if you finish first, you will still be disqualified because you broke the rules. Or in a long jump, if you step over the takeoff line, even if you jump the longest, it will not count. Even if everyone is doing something that is not right, it does not make it right. Yes, majority can also be wrong, so do not be carried away by how many people that are doing it.

In addition to having a right action, you should also put timing into consideration. When something is done at the wrong time, it may defeat the purpose. There are points in life that the difference between success and failure is just "time." This reminds me of what my friend normally says which is also a popular law quote:

Delay defeats equity


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To achieve success, you have to remove every act of procrastination from yourself. What you should have done today, if you leave it till tomorrow, it may defeat the aim of doing it at all. You will be surprised that "time" and the world are not waiting for you to decide if you will act, you are the one that needs to take advantage of time to act now. So you see, success is heavily dependent on right actions being done rightly and promptly. Always have in mind that if you know what to do and do not do it, you are not better than the person that does not know what to do.

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