Seeing Challenges From A Positive Side


It is true that life can present with one form of challenge or the other, but it is your response to the challenges that determines what you will draw out of life. The same challenge that presents to one person may also present to someone else but one may see it as a problem while the other may see it as an opportunity. The truth is the there will always be a positive side even in a seemingly negative situation, which you can choose to focus on. It is the same wind that sways off other birds that lifts the Eagle up. So you see, challenges have opportunities in them but you need to build up yourself and your capacity to align positively with the challenges.


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Many of the precious metals that people use today (including gold) are not mined in their beautiful and lustrous state. They are mined in their crude state and often covered in dirts and impurities. To be able to separate the real metals from their impure ores, they have to be passed through intense fire. While the fire burns off the impurities, it will refine and purify the metal and make it desirable. This means that any raw gold that does not pass through the challenges of the fiery furnace will not emerge as beautiful gold. Similarly, in life, what seems to be challenging you is only building you up to be better.

The effects of challenges differ from people to people and is determined by what the person is made off. This is why you have to build up yourself to face challenges. Not just physically, but mentally through acquiring of more knowledge. The truth is, if you crack in the time of challenges, it does not mean that the challenges are bigger than you but it means that you have not developed yourself enough to face the challenges. No one develops for the challenge at the instance of the challenge, you have to develop yourself ahead of time in readiness for the challenges. Remember that it is not the studies you do on the day of exam that you are expecting to succeed with but the ones you have been doing over time.

As a sailor for example, you cannot be truly tested in the calm waters but by the boisterous and stormy sea. As a matter of fact, the more the boisterous sea that you sail on, the better you become as a sailor. This is similar to what happens in life; as you encounter and scale through challenges, you develop yourself to become better. What challenge does is to sharpen your overall response to life's situations and to create the responsibility you need to leverage on to become bigger and better. You cannot prevent challenges from coming, because it is among the inevitable things of life. The only thing you can do is to stay ready and develop yourself to welcome the challenges with open mind and ride on to your successful destination.

The way you see challenges is how you are affected by it. The same challenge that comes to you may also come in the same manner or fashion to another person, but the response may be different and as such, the effects will be different. If you see challenges as stumbling block, you will have negative bias against the challenge and as such, you will not respond well to it and the result may not favour you. However, if you see challenges as stepping-stone, you will have a positive view of the challenges and you will respond to it favourably, thereby leading to a favourable result.


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What makes a soldier to successfully go through battle is the preparation and training he had engaged in prior to the day of battle. That is, he had being training in readiness for the day of battle. Any soldier that waits for the day of battle to train has already made himself vulnerable and may become a quick victim. In the same way, you have to be training your mind and other aspects of your body because challenges do not give prior notice before they arrive. Always remember this; it is the challenges that you face and overcome that make you stronger, not the ones your dodged.

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