The Little Steps Matter A Lot


Little drops of water make the mighty ocean

This is a very popular quote in the place where I grew up and I come to realise that there is truism in it. The collection of little steps is what is needed to create the giant leap that is desired. If you ever watched a baby learn how to walk, you will see that it will start with a crawl, then a stand, before a baby step. It is when these steps are repeated over time that a child can begin to walk properly. So you see, you should not despise the Little steps and the little beginning, this is because they hold the key to open bigger opportunities to you.


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No matter the length of the journey that you are about to embark on, it will begin with the first step. It is the first step (which may look seemingly little) complemented by other steps that will ultimately get you to your location. The little steps you add to the first step are very important and make a whole lot of difference in facilitating you towards the actualization of your dreams. Instead of waiting for a giant stride which may not be forthcoming as soon as it is required, it will be better to keep progressing little by little and taking the little steps.

One of the things that have held many down from achieving their dreams is that they have overlooked the power of little steps and are focused on waiting for the right time to take a giant leap. You do not wait until the condition is perfect or until you have the desired support before you take the giant leap, keep taking the steps you can from where you are and with what you have. The truth is that, more often than not, what you call small step could be what will set the precedence for a giant leap. Remember Neil Armstrong's words when he finally landed on moon.

This small step from a man will be a giant leap for mankind [Paraphrased]

That step he took that day has created a ripple effect in space travels and ever since then, we have seen many amazing manned space explorations including the design of many space stations. It would not be surprising if humans eventually get to the red planet - Mars, of course plans are already underway. Maybe sooner than we think, humans may become interplanetary, all thanks to the small step of a man. There is an amazing power that is inherent in the first step backed by other complementary steps. As a matter of fact, no force is strong enough to withstand the power of a determined soul that has been putting in continuous efforts and taking continuous steps; he is already success-bound.

They say "dream big," yes it is good. As a matter of fact, big dreams have ways of awakening the "I can do" spirit in you. However, no matter how big the dream may be and no matter the kind of "I can do" spirit that you possess, you are still required to take certain actions in order for the dream to be actualized, otherwise it will still remain in its dormant state of dream and it will not actualize itself. Just to tell you something; there is nothing bad if you start small. There is also nothing bad if you start with limited resources. Just keep going!. After all, nothing of value and nothing that will last long is built in a day. So keep building.


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When taking steps, you should remove the fear of failure and the fear of uncertainty from you. Someone that is determined to succeed does not fear failure, rather he leverages on it to achieve yet a bigger success. So do not mix fear with your actions so that it will not weaken you and render your actions futile.

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