Work; A Pathway To Success

There are things that may answer to just wishful thinking, but success is not one of them. If you must achieve great success, then you must be ready to work. No matter what your hands find to do, as long as the thing is good and legit, then give it all it takes, and watch how success will beckon. You may have a plan of what to achieve and how your life will turn out to be, but until you put in actions towards it and work it out, then it will exist as just a mere wish.


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People that have achieved greatness are people that have engaged their hands to work and to take actions. Not just actions, but prompt and timely actions. If you know what to do and you decide not to do it, you are not different from the person out there that has no idea of what to do. What profits you is not the principles of success that you know, but the ones that you have applied judiciously. If you know what it takes to achieve success; like diligence, integrity, discipline, work, determination, enthusiasm, etc, and you do not put it to work, then you will not profit from it.

It is true that you are to get acquainted with the demands of success, but a greater onus is laid on you to put actions into it. When you learn about the theories of aquadynamics for example, you may become very knowledgeable in it and even know the methods of swimming - theoretically. However, when you are faced with water, all those theories will not save you, because you will not quote theories to the water. What will save you is by putting those theories to work by practically swimming.

In life, you may have big dreams to achieve and what you want to do, but you should try to take actions towards them. You must not wait until you are able to start with a giant leap, because that may make you to wait for so long. Advisably, you should start with the little step that you can come up with and from the place you are, and with the resources that you have. With consistency, that small step will lead to giant stride. The truth is that if you had started that time you had the dream, by now you would have gone very far, or even at the edge of achieving your dream.

The reason behind the lack of success of some people is not because they do not have dreams, but because they have not acted on their dreams. Creating a dream is not the only requirement to achieving success, even though it is very needed, because no one can arrive at a destination that does not exist. But the dream has to be empowered with right and timely actions in order for it to produce the required result. You will be surprised that you are not the only one that has your kind of dream, a lot of others also have similar dreams. What will make a difference between your own dream and their own is the action you put in your own - that is, the execution of your dream.


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One should also note that success is not gotten automatically by the press of a button, there are procedures you need to follow, while you also employ patience to see your success mature. This is why I believe that success that is achieved by crooked "shortcuts" means will not stand the test of time because there will be nothing to sustain it. But the success achieved through work will have more value placed on it and it will lead to greatness. It is worthy to note that dreams are achievable, successes are attainable, new trails can be blazed, new paths can be found, mountains can be surmountable, but only if you are willing to put the required actions to them.

In the process of putting in work and actions towards the fulfilment of your dreams, you will be met with challenging situations, but it should not dampen your actions. Just see the challenges as part of life and as something to make you better and stronger. More so, it will always take the fiery fires of the blast furnace for gold to be purified. In the same way, as long as you are taking the right actions, friction is bound to occur, but keep at it, and you will be close to achieving success.

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