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A Rom-Com

With the beginning of the new year, which happens to come with a certain tradition that has recently become a rampant wildfire all around the globe. The tradition of setting up new year resolutions that are to be accomplished before the year runs out. For many, it is a way of setting their priorities in order, so as to enhance their productivity span and bring out the best in themselves, while others may see it as a way of attaining new heights and accomplishing dreams that used to be only in the mind and lacked precise actions.

For me, I would say I am not really a huge fan of new year's resolutions, and not because I might be trying my hard-earned best to stand out of the crowd or any of that form. It's a thing of difference arising from the fact that I also stop halfway through the new year resolution or even from the very beginning. I would absolutely blame it on the fact that I beat myself up so much when things do not go my way or I take a huge step backward in achieving the goals mapped out on the new year plan. In one way or another, this bad act of mine makes me bitter and very remorseful towards myself, which made me come to the conclusion that I'd do better this year. Eh, New year, New Me

And one of the things I told myself that I will do more often this year is to watch more movies that will question my understanding of reality and the world in general. I know it should not sound strange to your ear that I am an absolute fanatic for movies and TV series with my blog filled with movie reviews to back me up. One common thing I have found fascinating is how some movies have the ability to teach lessons about life. So it was only logical to tell me that I need to watch more in order to learn more lessons.

The first movie that happens to cut it for me in the year 2023 is SOMETHING FROM TIFFANY.

Zoey Deutch

The prime video movie stars the gorgeously looking Zoey Deutch whom I became familiar with from the video of the hit song Perfect by Ed Sheeran, and she happens not to be the only one who experiences coincidental love in the movie, as she experiences it with Kendrick Sampson, the handsome parent killer in the American hit series how to get away with murder.

Kenedrick Samspon and his on-screen daughter

The romantic comedy talks about two strangers who can become romantically attracted to one another just by sharing quality time and expressing their innermost selves. If there is one thing that I can say about the characters Ethan played by Kendrick and Rachel played by Zoey is that they both became buried in wanting a suitable relationship for their specific valid reasons. Ethan for his daughter while Rachel because she is of age and believes her partner has made some romantic sacrifices for her in the past.

Her Smile

Sadly, they become totally clouded by their reasons to the extent they forget that relationships are something one should truly desire from their heart and not all about getting into it just to suit another person's expectation.

Love is in the air

One life lesson one could grab from such a movie is knowing when to call it to quit. You need to know when to draw the line and tell yourself the truth. Do not lie to yourself or fake happiness because something that is fake cannot always last forever. But at the same time do not get it all wrong. I am not saying the moment you experience turbulence in any form of relationship you may be in, be it friendship or romantic, you should quit and walk out.


Still fight and like Keanu Reeves said in an interview

What type of love do you have if you cannot fight?

But even after fighting and it still doesn't work, then you know the next step to take.

I highly suggest SOMETHING FROM TIFFANY as your next watch but remember do not watch alone.

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I had taken note of this one last month, another user wrote about this movie and it was the only one set at Christmas that caught my attention. Thanks to your post you have reminded me that I need to look it up to see it. 😅


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