Getting back to skating with a new trick - "Half cab heelflip noseslide"🛹 👊 [Esp/Ing]

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Hello friends how are you? I'm back to videos and skating, after several weeks off due to bending my foot.

Hola amigos como estan? estoy de vuelta a los videos y a patinar, despues de varias semanas de descanso por doblarme el pie.

So I took a few weeks off to be able to come back with more strength and motivation, I'll be honest it hurt a little at first but I stretched and warmed up enough to start trying a new trick.

Asi que me tome unas semanas de descanso para poder volver con mas fuerza y motivacion, sere sincero me dolia al principio un poquito pero estire y calente lo necesario para empezar a intentar un truco nuevo.

I started trying half cab flip noseslide but it became very complicated, then I changed to fakie bigspin noseslide and it also became complicated so I stayed with half cab heelflip noseslide.

Empece intentando half cab flip noseslide pero se me complico mucho, despues cambie a fakie bigspin noseslide y tambien se me complico asi que me quede con half cab heelflip noseslide.

To have many days without skating and really falling that filled me with a lot of motivation, there were many attempts that I even thought of leaving it like that for another session but the last one I gave was the one that I was able to fall, I know I should improve it but the important thing is that I managed drop it

Para tener muchos dias sin patinar y caerlo de verdad que me lleno de mucha motivacion, fueron muchos intentos que hasta pense dejarlo asi para otra sesion pero el ultimo que le di fue el que pude caer, se que debo mejorarlo pero lo importante es que logre caerlo.

I hope you enjoy it friends.

Espero lo disfruten amigos.

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Video edited with the Capcut program and recorded from a Redmi 1A phone.

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Sabia que ibas a caerlo, de verdad quedo muy bien.
Es hora de ir por el fakie bigspin noseslide.