Are there boundaries between interpersonal relationships?

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I think it is very important that we know how to interpret where the boundaries between interpersonal relationships are.

It is impossible for us to know these limits without first recognizing our own feelings, emotions and even assuming the mistakes we are making. When we start a self-analysis based on our emotions, what we are doing is taking control over our destiny and happiness, since the good and bad that happens to us should be only our control, in interpersonal relationships this has a positive impact because we end up influencing positively on others.

Socially it is impossible to be excluded from the other people around us, if our goal is to establish limits of interpersonal character, then we must base our interpersonal relationships on support, we must see the relationship we have with other people as a balance of gains, where what I bring serves to benefit another person close to my environment, and what explain the people close to my environment serves me so that I continue to develop personally.

None of this is achieved without commitment, the proposed objectives are vital to keep them in mind as we move forward, since it is necessary to give everything for everything, and that can only be achieved by understanding each other. When our closeness with others improves in the best of terms is the perfect scenario to define our limits.

If we as people develop under an interpersonal environment where everyone works together in harmony, where everyone learns from each other, then anything that falls outside of those parameters would be outside the boundaries of a proper interpersonal relationship, which is why I concluded that anything that is beneficial for everyone to grow within interpersonal relationships is within the boundaries that we can set to move forward in the best version of interpersonal relationships.