Can financial and psychological education come together to teach us about how to overcome our fears when undertaking our own project?

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If we approach fear from a psychological approach and finances at the same time, we could say that a financial and psychological education come together to give us the best of the teachings, and thus be able to know how to approach the undertaking of our own project. Let's see what this is all about.

Certainly it is necessary to overcome the fears that arise when we decide to start our own project, it is undoubtedly that fear arises, since we do not want to fail in an environment that may be new to us. Generally when we start an entrepreneurial project is because it is full of new things for us, everything new can bring with it ignorance and a high probability of failure, but if we do not take the step with a firm foot we will never know if we could have succeeded.

The first thing to take into account and what financial education can teach us is that being able to become entrepreneurs when we have never been trained in this field is not such an easy task.

The psychological factor teaches us that when we take the big leap to undertake new projects we are faced with lots of typical fears and insecurities.

In the end, if everything is not so easy, then we can do it? of course we can, only that the mentioned difficulties serve us as a warning and prevention to know in which points we should educate ourselves better.

Fears associated with entrepreneurship that must be overcome

[1] Economic instability.

It is very normal that there is economic instability when we are the owners of our own business, especially if we compare it when we are used to being an employee who simply bases his financial security on the paycheck he receives at the end of the month. This change of transition from being an employee to owning our own business generates a fear associated with not knowing how to manage our own business.

The strategy to apply for this case is to be able to change the mentality of employee to that of a new entrepreneur, in which a high self-esteem focused on that if we are going to be able to manage the assets of our own business, the other thing to keep in mind that any sacrifice at the beginning of the generated finances will be rewarded in a reasonable time.

[2] Responsibility.

Although it is certain that we have responsibilities when we are employees, when we become employers the responsibility increases, since any decision on our business has repercussions in good or bad way on our employees, then logically it is going to exist a fear associated to this type of responsibilities. The solution to this type of fear is to make our mind understand that everything in life is responsibility, total, through constant responsibility is that we grow and develop, so that one more responsibility surely will not make difficulties in us.


Surely there will be many more fears to overcome, these are just two that I wanted to bring as an example, but each entrepreneur must live their own experiences and know what their fears to overcome, in the end somehow or another human beings are destined to undertake in all areas, perhaps not all are successful in this way, but in the end we all need to be dynamic and experience new processes of entrepreneurship, in the end will be new experiences and new opportunities to learn to overcome new challenges.