Learning rhythms and their influence on education


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We understand that our personal development is integral, that is, it depends on several factors, however a predominant factor is education, although we are accustomed to an education in educational levels where we interact in periods of school time, we must understand that these times are not consistent with the time that our own learning deserves.

What must be understood with the above mentioned, is that one thing is the time that educational institutions use to teach us and that students learn, since the real time is the one that each student will spend in setting their significant learning, since there are learning processes that involve a process whose period of time is long where finally each individual achieves a good mental and cognitive maturation.

Who else is teaching us and at what pace are we learning?

The cycles of life itself also teach us, many times we learn by the mistakes made, however sometimes we end up stumbling over the same stone until we finally learn the lesson.

Life teaches us by periods, for example there is a learning for when we are children, that is when life is kinder to us, then there is another period in which life teaches us, that is adolescence, in adolescence we begin to see how raw life can be with us and it will teach us to points of failures and virtues, and in our adulthood we live in constant learning, the important thing is to understand that the learning we acquire from life will be given at different rates of time.

It may be our capabilities that make us learn at different rates, but it is also the very nature of learning, that is to say, there is learning that in order to be fixed in our being needs to be executed in a very peculiar period of time, that is to say, it can be a long, medium or short period of time that is needed.

The conclusion of the case is that the time variable is very important in all types of learning, both those that life teaches us and those that are given in schools, it is important to respect the times, however if there is any learning that has been obtained in an estimated period of time is because it is an expected learning, On the contrary, if it does not take place in an expected period of time, it does not mean that it has no relevance, of course it does, since everything is planned based on time, but it is important to understand that all human beings do not have the same capabilities, and that if a learning process takes place in a certain time, it is already a gain.