We must look beyond what we see

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What we see is what we can achieve, it is our most immediate present, however our gaze can also be focused on what we do not see, our future we can only imagine, yearn for, but that is also where our objectives should be centered.

Focusing beyond what we see does not mean that we should neglect our immediate present, according to our capabilities, we can dominate the scope of what we see that is our immediate present and at the same time we will have the ability to know and predict what things are within our reach for the future according to our needs and tastes.

The past cannot be excluded under this premise of our vision both for what we see and what is beyond, when we place ourselves in what we did and did not do in the past there is also an important learning that affects our present and future, since what we consider that we failed to do, we can include it in our present achievable, and what we did wrong in the past we can exclude it from what we can see in the present but we will not take it because we know it will do us more harm than good.

Success is closely linked to that futuristic vision of what our eyes do not see, perhaps what our mind raises in illusions and dreams that can materialize is what makes us think that seeing beyond what our eyes can see is what ends up placing us in a place to achieve great feats for our lives.