Over the years, the media used to be a reliable source of information. They were the eyes and ears of the people and were trusted by all, not until they earned the name "Fake News" for spreading propaganda to millions of people for the sole purpose of deception.

Fake News simply put is any misleading information that is spread for the sole purpose of deception, control or financial gain.

It was in 2020 when the Covid-19 pandemic was in full swing.
You see, most of the top news and social media channels are owned by private individuals and not the government as many think and they all have an agenda and use their platforms to promote such.

They lied about the number of people who were dying from the virus by increasing the number , they lied about how social distancing and masks were going to help stop the spread of the virus, they lied about the Lockdowns which were lockups in disguise, also about how shutting down Churches and places of worship for God would help curb the virus, they lied bout the PCR tests for the virus, the Vaccines that they termed was the ultimate solution to stop the virus was a fatal lie. Even the effect of the 5G and the reason behind it was a lie


At first, during the month of March 2020 when I had to rush home because the Governor of my Satae (Rivers State) was shutting down the State due to the spread of the virus and as directed by WHO, to all leaders of nations, he did and I was scared because I had lost my phone and had no means of communication for weeks so I was perplexed about what I saw on TV.

It was not until the Man Of God, Rev Dr. Chris Oyakhilome DSc. D.D expounded to us the truth about the virus, how it was created and spread. This was where the horrors began. When he, Pastor Chris started saying these in March 2020, a lot of people felt he didn't know what he was saying but the perpetrators of the pandemic knew he was telling the truth and shut down one of our LoveWorld channels in the United Kingdom.

He gave us this picture during one of our programs Your LoveWorld Specials that explained how this was all a part of their One World Religion, Government and economy agenda.

(Screenshot taken from LoveWorld Sat Instagram page)

My eyes were then open to see the wickedness of the Deep States and how they used the media to scare people while deceiving them so they could give in to their cunning solution - The Vaccines and have themselves controlled by the mrna (messenger Rna) microchip implanted into them..

The world soon found out about this, more Doctors and Health care professionals all attested to this that it was all a lie for global dominance through totalitarianism.


The PCR tests was a scam. They said they were still studying the virus and suddenly, came up with a test for it. Pastor Chris asked them what they were looking for in those tests. He told them to provide the test results but they couldn't then they came up with a cure for the virus- Vaccines meanwhile, they said they were still studying it. They lied all along because they had the Vaccines all along.

The Covid-19 plandemic was carefully planned by the Deep States years ago and this was their best opportunity yet but thank God for revealing the truth to us through Pastor Chris

How important it is to male our own research about what we see or read on the media before making our final judgements about it. This will show that we are sagacious and not gullible people.

For the sake of this article, I'll stop here, hope to write more about this later on.

Till next time lovelies....

This is my response to the Hive Learners Weekly Engagement Prompt