Is Water the most powerful? - Splinterlands

After I started playing the modern format, I have come across many accounts that prefer only the water element if it is present among the choices.

Especially, the bot accounts that choose only water and suppose you have dragon element also, even then water is preferred.
I agree that the water splinter along with the present-day monsters are really powerful and can even be a match for the green magic guys.

How do you feel about the water monsters and their summoner?

I am wondering when the rebellion set is out, will there be some summoner more powerful than the present modern ones or will it be less damaging?

It remains to be seen if the untamed edition will be shifted to wild format and considering the fact that alphas and betas are still widely used in the wild format, the price of the untamed cards will go lower except for the summoners perhaps, and even the pack price will go down slowly. As for the reward summoners, those are also very good and can match the power of the core monsters any day.

The water beauties - guess their names


I am also wondering if we will have Gladius summoners and in that case, those could be used with the Gladius ruleset in ranked too besides brawls. As it is, we have seen the almighty Quora. It will be interesting to see if we will have a neutral monster like Quora either from Reward, gladius, or Rebellion.

I know and realize that many players are kind of disillusioned by the present-day bear phase but there are many more who like to play Splinterlands for the game.

Splinterlands is a game that has a lot of hard work behind it. The days when the cards and packs were given out to players who received them with both hands, the days when crypto was unsure and SL assets were fewer, and people who invested in Dec and cards and loved to play. The days when hundreds of players joined Splinterlands and the discord room was full of players asking doubts and discussing tactics and some others asking for cards and games that gave dec or cards as prizes. Those days can come again, I believe if only the mobile app was improved a bit like updating the season chest, being able to play tournaments, and allowing small investors to expand their holdings by giving them perks of some kind and maybe holding meetups in other countries and giving publicity.

I remember Blackheart of Muterra holding a show in a University tech fest. if splinterlands were to do such official shows in college tech fests in countries outside of the USA, I am sure many more will readily join and start playing. With the kind of work behind this wonderful game, it deserves more than just the present player base and investors. I am hopeful that Splinterlands will see brighter days again.

What do you feel about Splinterlands as a player first?

Do you think that you will still be playing even after a few years?

Splinterlands has changed many people's lives, mine included.

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i love using water summers and monsters too, magic is best with water summers 😅