The game of magic - Splinterlands (included tips for new players)

The game of magic
the birds that soar
the beasts that pounce
and you rarely know
no time to escape
the grasses may be tall and huge
the caves that roar fire
and dragons that jump from beneath
the tiniest of pixies
and even the fire sparks too
enemies that sneak and lurk
ready to tear you apart
from the depths of the seas
and even the demented sharks
jaws that are too frightening
then there are those which
seem to be storms
ready to stall even the flying giants
Splinterlands is always a land of wonder
beware of the monsters and energies alike
when you set out to play
pray that you will be spared for the day

Tips for new players

  • Do not play without a gap of three minutes at least between each game (look who's talking. I used to do that once and drained my ecr and also did not win. I was trying to fit gaming in between the chores)

  • Try to observe the opponent's gameplay and the monsters that he/she uses. Then plan accordingly. I still have not defeated the prince of monsters though - Byza.

  • Be careful while choosing your team. Do not think that your selection is good enough? Quick, change a monster or two before the time runs out.

  • Make sure that you have two windows open and try to play from both so if in case there is a lag, you can still at least get one team through.

  • You can check your battle chain from and also the explorer in case you missed claiming the rewards opening.

  • Why not try to invite your friends and family over? They can be asked to try their luck and in case they like this game, you can make them your referral.

  • So, you have tried Splinterlands out and now, you must level up your collection. The best way to do it is to play consistently and collect all those reward cards. Buy individual cards and try it out and yes keep collecting those DECS to buy early into the CHAOS LEGION.

  • Make sure you spread the news on social media networks and let everybody know. Isn't that way you came in here? Do tell us what brought you here into Splinterlands and you can write a post about it and get upvotes from the team account.

  • Now that you are making good progress, you will start learning new terms which we players use.

  • Never fall for the FUD that is sometimes spread around by jealous people who do not know how to play.

  • Always try to include at least one magic monster in the team and yes it can be placed anywhere in the team.

  • Place more magic in the back-to-basics rule because yes, magic doesn't miss.

  • There are some monsters like the life splinter's Peacebringer which does not have abilities but can do a good job in the back-to-basics ruleset.

  • You want to try out a monster? Rent it and then decide if you want to buy it or not.

I hope these tips that may seem simple are useful to you. All the best for joining the most wonderful game ever made.

Are you yet undecided? Do sign uphere for splinterlands and check it out.

images - splinterlore


thanks for the tips di. Actually I was playing frequently that also drained my season and make me stressed out why I am not doing better. I think rest will make mind more sharper.


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