The wait


Sunny was always in a hurry. He had to finish his chores and then take his son to school. His son could have walked to the school but then he was a hyperactive kid and Sunny did not want any untoward things to happen.

The teachers were understanding and so they did not mind if Sunny arrived a bit late which was anyway unusual. The child was obedient enough to be able to sit with the other children. So, that was not a problem either.

Sunny dropped his son in school and went home to work. The change from the office to home during the COVID era was in fact a blessing for him. He did not have to hire a person to look after his son during the time he was away and it also meant less expense. He was trying to save money for the trip home. His son could not yet understand why it was important for him to travel back to his home country. Sunny was lost in his thoughts.

He had met her during his college days. She was a pretty lady and had a great personality. He was not bothered about her and studied with an aim. It was this quality that made her fall for him and it was she who befriended him. They soon became friends and later decided to move in together. His parents were shocked but agreed eventually. Her parents were okay with it. Soon, a son was born to them and he was named Gyan.

She was often exhausted after the delivery and would find it exhausting to work. One fine day, he found a letter on his table from her. She had written that it was important for her to go back to the home country from where they both came. The reality of the situation came crashing upon him. It took him days to realize the full impact. He had to look after his son and also work. He tried contacting her parents and his and they could not answer because they were also helpless. The 'I told you so' was not told loudly but he could feel it from the tones. He decided not to give up and thus life went on.

Answers still had to be got and he saved money for the trip back home. It was not just a trip. He wanted to never come back to this house and settle down in his country forever.

Days passed and Sunny got a letter. It was from her. She had decided to come back to him. He was confused. Why a letter when she could have just called. All these years and the confusion. Why now? He read the letter more than once to search for missing information but could not find any.

Sunny looked at his son. The boy had never known his mother. Would he be able to adjust to her? He was again struck down by a mix of emotions but this time, he was more strong. The years had made him so.

A few days later, the doorbell rang. He opened it to see her. She came in and was surprised to see both the set of parents who by this time had been prepared to ask her a lot of questions.

He asked her to sit down. She looked all over to see her son but he was in school. Sunny did not want his son to witness a dramatic and emotional scene.

She tried to explain to all of them that she had been immature and the experience of raising a hyperactive child seemed overwhelming to her but now that Sunny was doing a good job, she wanted to come back to her life. All eyes were on Sunny now.

He took a deep breath and decided to speak without hesitation. He told her that it was okay to be overwhelmed and emotional but it was not okay to back out without any explanations and stay without contact and to come back expecting a happily ever after. Life was not like that. It was a journey that had ups and downs and not a bed of roses.

She looked down and got up. Her parents also agreed with what Sunny said and asked her to leave him alone. She asked him permission to see her son but he said that it would cause heartbreak for his son. What if she left again and he could not do that to Gyan. She nodded and went out.

The wait was over.

He was relieved.

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