RE: 🍉 [MELN] Weekly EXODE Wrap-Up #40


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Thanks for the Auto guided ammo. I guess that given a week between posts, I would think that a little write up about how @proto26 would use each faction. Selecting only from starter deck content and some random selections from boosters, lets say 10 cards worth, in a deck construction. What strategies to use during Evac for each faction and some hits on what initial activities should be under taken if one was able to land.

As since there are few weapons in starter packs and boosters, some suggestions on cheaper ways to equip your crew with weapons. Also if some one was willing to spend a few coin, what 1 or 2 cards would you suggest to maximize the deck.

There are no players with a huge amount of play time, compared to others, so it would be understood that your suggestions are opinions and not a sure fire win recipes.

One post per week, one faction per week. Enables lots of counter suggestions and comments.