Frozen Wharf - Monomad Challenge


Hail to the Hive!

I don’t know about ‘Winter is coming’ as Jon Snow would have harped on about, but I do know that ‘Winter is here!’ And It’s officially bloody cold I can vouch for that. But luckily we have our solid fuel burner and we are nice and toasty warm. We are trapped though and I wanted to be sure we don’t get low on fuel so as we are trapped where we currently are I did another fuel run on foot to get some more briquettes to put in the burner. As I walked the now familiar path I saw how frozen looking the wharf at the boat hire place looked.


Now when I say ‘Frozen Wharf’ I am referring to where the boats are moored up at this boatyard and not talking about a certain Klingon from Star Trek that might be a bit chilly.


It is amazing how the sudden drop in temperature has had such a visual effect on the area. Ice now covers some stretches of the canal. Snow on roofs, boats and the towpath and everything has just decided it is going to be completely different than it was before.


Now I don’t want to tempt fate but at the moment I am actually enjoying the seasonal changes after so long in tropical climates. Yes my hands get super cold doing certain tasks, mooring up and filling the water tank etc, but at the moment it is kind of ok because as soon as I jump inside Badger the Narrowboat I am all warm again. There’s also a certain appreciation one gets from the basic things. A hot drink, a hearty hot meal and a cosy fire. Let’s not forget about a tot of whisky in your coffee too 😉


Winter is here, let’s enjoy!